The Book Master's Will - Chapter 1

The Book Master's Will - Chapter 1 The Book Master's Will - Chapter 1

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



The Book Master's Will is about Michael Redding and a book he obtained from his Uncle, Jarvis. What content's await him? What problems will he encounter?
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The Book Master's Will is about Michael Redding and a book he obtained from his Uncle, Jarvis. What content's await him? What problems will he encounter?

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Book Master's Will - Chapter 1

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The Book Master's Will is about Michael Redding and a book he obtained from his Uncle, Jarvis. What content's await him? What problems will he encounter?

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 29, 2010

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 29, 2010



The Book Master's Will

Chapter 1

Death of the Book Master

Jarvis Redding opened his door, slinking into his house and holding his stomach. Blood dripping from his wound, still in disarray about what happened. He makes his way down the stairs into his basement. Clutching his stomach in pain he reaches for the light switch. Light illuminates the pitch black basement to reveal the contents. A computer that is hooked up to what looks like a machine from the future, tubes running to other various machines. Jarvis makes his way to the machine, he pulls out an orb, burned brown with a hint of red. There were markings on it going around orb in a circular pattern. Jarvis knew it was an ancient language from long ago, deciphering it was a completely different story. Jarvis placed the orb in the machine and starting inputting code into the computer. The machine started up and he put the orb in the canister located in the center of the machine. He clenched his stomach again, the pain still residing. He walked over to a book case looking for a specific book, finally found it he hurried back over to the machine. He pushed a button and a drawer popped out, exposing the emptiness inside. Jarvis quickly examined the books contents, making sure the pages were blank. He placed the book inside the drawer and closed it. Sitting back down in the chair, still clutching his stomach, he input a code to start up the machine. Code was flying by on the screen, when it finally stopped. The screen read “Start copying process? [Y/n]” Jarvis hit Y on his keyboard and the machine started up again. The screen flashed, showing a process bar with an ETA of 10 minutes. Jarvis sighed and started to recall how the hell this all happened.

“We've done it, Marcus. Days of planning and no sleep. We can finally prove that Lancaster Co. is really trying to dominate the world.” Jarvis said to his brother. Jarvis and Marcus have spent the good amount of two years trying to obtain the item that would cause the collapse of the world. Lancaster Co. seems like a normal stock market company, selling various items. The truth is, it's just a cover to what really goes on. Lancaster's CEO, Max Lontide, has never been one to listen to others, this was made apparent after he killed his parents when he was younger. This could have been avoided if Max wasn't a crazy bastard and just listened to his parents. The problem being no one could prove that Max was responsible for the deaths. Max was a genius, bending people and situations to his liking. Everyone has flaws, even Max. Max's flaw was the allure of women, pleasuring them, admiring them. This is what made Jarvis and Marcus' plan so brilliant. They took his school crush, Jane Grilden, and told her what they know. Jane was reluctant to believe this at first, but Marcus had a way with words.

“Jane, just listen. Max is capable of massive destruction. Come on, you know he's liked you since we were all in High School. You're the only one he will listen to indefinitely.” Marcus said in a serious tone.

“Let me get this straight, you expect me to believe that Max has the power to control the world?” Jane said, skeptical. “I mean sure he convinced the principle that Leon Gibbins was the one who punched himself in the face and that he didn't even touch him, but come on, take over the world?” Leon Gibbins was the school bully, always picking on people. He chose Max as his target, but it was the wrong day for that. Max ended beating up Leon to the point where he slipped in and out of consciousness. Max, being the brilliant mind that he was, convinced his principal that he had nothing to do with it and that Leon was the one who caused the injury to himself.

“Jane... please. Please do this, you're the only one who can get close enough to Max without him being suspicious.” Jarvis said, pleading.

Jane just sat there staring at them, trying to read if they were spouting bullshit or not. Jane let out a sigh, nodding in agreement. Jarvis' face started to glow immediately.

“Thank god. We can't do it without you, Jane” Jarvis said in excitement. “Quickly, we must get to Lancaster Co. There isn't much time!”. Marcus nodded in agreement as they climbed into Jarvis' car. Jarvis floored it, swerving around cars. Not noticing the police car has he was speeding by, the red and blue lights flashing in the mirror now.

“Ah crap, this isn't what we need right now.” Jarvis said disgusted. Marcus started rolling down his window. Pulling out a gun hidden in his coat.

“ I'll handle this.” Marcus said coolly. Unhinging his seat belt he leaned out the window, gun pointed towards the cop car. “You keep driving, don't worry about me.” Marcus said to Jarvis.

“Wh-what do you mean, don't worry about you?” Jarvis said veering to the median nearly missing a collision with the back of a semi. “You're aiming at a fucking cop car!”

Jane was in the back, unable to even put her thoughts about what was going on into words. Marcus started to shoot at the cop car, striking the windshield. The bullet penetrated easily through, missing the cop by an inch. Marcus kept shooting, finally a bullet struck the front tire. The police car started to swerve, crashing through the highway guard railing and sending the car plummeting a 100 feet into a canyon. Shrapnel sent flying everywhere as the car exploded on impact. Marcus smirked at his accomplishment after reloading, he put the gun back in his pocket.

“Problem solved.” Marcus said, still smirking. Jarvis looked at Marcus, completely in shock. Jarvis swerved again almost hitting a car. A few miles down the road, Jarvis pulled his car into an alley to keep it out of sight, just in case they were still being chased by other police. Leaving the car, Marcus went over the plan again with Jane.

“Okay Jane, remember, you must go in there and tell the secretary that you came to see Max regarding important information regarding the company and wish to speak with Max” Marcus explained again.

“Yeah, yeah. I got it” Jane said, shaking from the incident on the way here. “What about you two?” she asked.

“We have another way in. You just worry about what you need to do. Your sole purpose is to keep Max distracted while we do our job,” Marcus said. He pulled out a gun again, putting on a silencer. He looked at Jarvis and handed him the gun. “I know you're against killing, but you never know when you'll need it.”

Jarvis took the gun, cursing under his breath. He shoved the gun into his coat pocket, he looked towards Jane nodding at her. Jane nodded back and started for the entrance. Jarvis and Marcus started for the back of the building. Marcus noticed a school bus and a group of kids. Hmmm, fieldtrip. He thought. Nudging Jarvis, he pointed towards the group of kids.

“I have an idea, follow my lead.” Marcus said to Jarvis. Jarvis nodded and walked behind him. Marcus found a young boy drifting around. Marcus approached the boy.

“Hey son, you want to make some money?” he asked. The boy stared at him with a blank face.

“How much we talkin'?” the young boy replied back in a southern dialect. Marcus smiled.

“I'll give you $100 if you say that my friend and I are your chaperones,” Marcus said, pointing at Jarvis. Jarvis acknowledged the boy with a nod. The boy stared, wide eyed. The boy was clearly going to do it. He held out his hand, implying to hand over the cash.

Marcus took out his wallet, handing the boy the note. The boy took it and held it towards the sun, checking for legitimacy. He smiled and put the bill into his pocket, accepting it. They slipped into the group now heading inside the building, no one noticing the two new men.

Jane entered the building, looking around. The lobby was pristine, and full of glamor. Velvet chairs and couches. Granite sculptures of ancient gods, Max was always in awe of old Greek Mythology. An indoor waterfall with water dribbling down the rock wall, and a [Deer Scarer], a bamboo contraption that moves up and down when water falls into the end and out the other side creating a soothing sound when it hits the water. Jane approached the secretary, who was clearly not paying attention. Jane stood at the counter, waiting for her to acknowledge her presence.

Ahem” Jane said, annoyed. The secretary looked over at Jane with an uninterested face. She sighed, now understanding he has to actually work.

How may I help you, Miss?” the secretary said, with a fake smile appearing on her face.

I need to speak with Mr. Lontide, please. It's important.” Jane told her. The secretary was checking her appointment book.

Your name?” she asked.

Jane. Jane Grilden” she replied back. The secretary scanned the book, not seeing her name.

I'm sorry, Ms. Grilden, but you don't have an appointment,” the secretary said, uninterested.

Can you please just call up to his office and tell him I'm here?” she said. “I can tell you that he will be happy to see me.” the secretary gave a disapproving look but decided to call up to Max anyway.

Mr. Lontide, I have a Ms. Grilden here who wants to see you, but she doesn't have an appointment. If you'd like I can have her escorted out of here immediately.” the secretary gave a wicked smile at Jane. Her expression quickly changed to astonishment when Max told her to escort her to his office.

“R-right away, Mr. Lontide. We will be up there in a minute.” she said in disbelief. She hung up the phone and stood.

Please, follow me.” the secretary started for the elevator behind her desk, gesturing for Jane to follow. They entered the elevator, Jane saw the secretary hit certain floor buttons, as if it was a secret code. Jane noticed that the elevator wasn't going up, or down for that matter. It felt as if it was going backwards. The secretary saw Jane's skeptical look.

Yes, were going backwards.” the secretary said, reading Jane's thoughts. Before Jane could react the elevator stopped and the door opened. She peered out the elevator door and saw Max sitting at his desk, his full attention on her.

Jane, its been a while.” Max said in a joyful tone.

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