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Submitted: September 20, 2008

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Submitted: September 20, 2008



The day we met is a day I will never forget. I had heard of him all of my life and Ihad heard the story many times. And yes I met him at a young tender age. Many different times he spoke tome and Ilistened. I became to know him through mutual friends.

Well, lets say that Ithought Iknew him. We grew apart, well lets say I grew away from him. I went out living my life and thought that I knew what I was doing and what was best for me.

Little did Iknow that years later I would meet him again, yet it would be really the first time I had trully met him and knew who he really was.

I found myself on bended knee and my life was a disaster when he came to me. Iknewhe could help when no one else could. I knew then that I was completely lost without him. As I began to speak, I told him everything and how I had gone so wrong when I left him. I wanted another chance and guess what...........

He gave it to me, and he is the greatest love Ihave ever found. His name is Jesus Christ and he is the greatest friend I have ever found! I only thought I knew him then, but I am certain I know him now. He has been everything to me just like the poem says and Iwanted to take the chanceand share him with you.

He forgives, he gives his mercy, his grace, and his love to all who want it and are willing to receive it. He died many years ago on a tree at Calvary for our sins so that we may be saved eternally and live forever with him.

My dream is to share him with the world through the words he gives me. I want to let the world know that Jesus loves them and it does not matter where you have been or what you have done, he is here with his arms open waiting for you to come to him.

To have a personal relationship with him is the most awesome experience Ihave ever had in my life. His love is a perfect love and he gives us perfect love for one another. It is for everyone all you have to do is call on his mighty name.

This is the most amazing love story I have ever experienced. I have experienced one other love story, but I will save that for another day and another time. May everyone stayed continuously blessed in the arms of Jesus.

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