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What I Deliver Is What Dreams Are Made OF is a poem showing God's love for us and what he does for us daily.

Submitted: August 29, 2008

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Submitted: August 29, 2008



Jesus love is real and true.

What he has done for me, he will do for you.

He says what I deliver is what dreams are made of.

He gives us what we need and shows us again and again his love.

Now my story begins.............

I tell it to you because you are my neighbor, my friend.

I travel with this road before me.

I wonder when I will finally be free.

I pray for your help each and every day.

I wait on you to make the way.

In the distance I see this tall mountain.

I pray soon I will be there and drink from its fountain.

I do not stop, so onward I go.

I know that soon the trumpet will blow.

Before me I see many obstacles in my path.

I wonder at times if this is Jesus wrath.

Then I know that I am wrong.

Jesus is helping me to find my way home.

I try to go around it.

I try to travel over it.

Then I pray it will disappear.

I try so hard not to fear.

I look forward and on my course I stay.

I do not have time to stop and play.

Finally, I reach the very top.

Now I can finally stop.

I hear a voice telling me to go back down.

Then I take a look around.

All the obstacles I had overcome I could see.

Now I felt completely free.

Then I hear Jesus say to me.

"Child you do not need to go back down."

"You are home and will receive your crown."

As I remembered what I had been through.

I know this one thing is true.

It was worth it after all.

I am so happy Jesus din't let me fall.

I am rejoicing here today and singing a happy song.

Then I feel the arms of Jesus cradle me and take me home.

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