The Effects Of Friendship Betrayal

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A short article regarding trust & betrayal by a trusted friend

Submitted: December 27, 2008

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Submitted: December 27, 2008



It was August 26th of 2008.

I was at work, just back from my lunch hour when the phone rang at approximately 1;15 pm. It was my friend April, saying that I needed to call Jerry, my best friend, roommate, and constant companion.The tone of her voice let me know that it was urgent. I hung up the phone and called Jerry immediately. After I dialed, I waited for the phone to ring but that never happened - instead, I got an automated message saying the phone service was off \"temporarily\". Since our cell phones were both on the same account, I knew this scenerio didn't make sense, i.e. My phone was still working, meaning the reason his phone was cut off from service wasn't because of an unpaid bill.

My heart started beating wildly and I went into panic mode.

I called April back and asked her to tell me how she and Jerry's call had gone. She told me that Jerry called her and told her he was on a bus to Mississippi and to wait 20 minutes before she called me. He also told her he loved her and would \"keep in touch\" with her. He also told her to let me know that I could find my vehicle that he drove at the airport parking lot.

I started hyperventilating and immediately went to find my Supervisor to let her know that I needed to go due to an emergency.

By the time I got to my car in the parking deck as I was leaving work, I was hysterical. The thought of not seeing my best friend again was devastating to me;We were so connected in everything we did - our lives were interweaved with each others.

I drove as fast as I could to the airport. When I got there, I did not see my vehicle at first and ended up pulling into a parking spot and broke down emotionally. I didn't understand yet what was happening. It had happened so fast that I think I was in shock. I cried for about 30 minutes in that parking spot before I drove home, getting lost along the way once because of my emotional state.

When I got home I discovered he had taken belongings of mine and pawned them before he left.

I found out later that day through my own investigation using cell phone records that he had actually gone to Oklahoma and had it planned for awhile. When I talked with his niece in Oklahoma, she told me that he had \"done this before\" to other people. She and her mother, Jerry's sister, were the only two in the entire family that would still have anything to do with Jerry because of the things he'd done in the past.

I had no idea of this. I trusted him. We had been best friends and roommates for years. My heart was broken.

I still have not spoken with Jerry again. I still miss him, miss his companionship. He has never explained to me why he did what he did.

I am not able to trust anyone - even people I've known already and trusted before. I am not interested in meeting new people. My depression has reached a dangerous point. I don't believe I will survive this betrayal.

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