The Teacher and the Mom

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Parent Teacher Meeting

Submitted: November 13, 2015

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Submitted: November 13, 2015



~~Parent Teacher conferences I can only say thank goodness I never have to sit through one of those again. My last conference was interesting to say the least.
I drove to the school and arrived ½ hour early, I’m already hyperventilating and I’m not even in the parking lot yet. I approach the class room and immediately break into a cold sweat and run into the bathroom to wipe off my face.
I enter the room and was greeted by my son’s teacher “have a seat I’ll be with you in just a minute”.
More sweat coming my way again and I have no place to run.
The teacher finished with the parent ahead of me, who left in tears and now it’s my turn.
The teacher starts off by talking about the OJ Simpson case. “Can you believe how this case is going”? says the teacher followed with her saying “they better find him innocent, we all know he wouldn’t do such a thing.” She says I guess recapping her thoughts.
So here I am really with no thought on this case being I’m not on the jury to hear all of the testimony  but way to afraid to give any  insight to this case other then “Oh yes, and Oh my,  followed by you don’t say” words from a fearful mother, trying to protect her son.
I have always been the kind of mom who never uses the words “Not my Boy” or “My son wouldn’t do that” because as I have found out by raising 5 kids is hey you never know, you like to think your child is a perfect little angel 24 hours a day but actions by my children prove that not to be true.
So the teacher continues on about OJ, I am still sweating and really wishing this was all over even if I do have to look at his report card in front of her, boy that lady ahead of me was crying pretty hard.
I am sure my son’s report card will be fine and her comments regarding my son should be okay he’s a pretty good kid.
I do tend to over think things for example if my kids are late and not home on time I picture them in a ditch laying on the side of the road with the paramichics working on them “call it Tom, the kids gone you can’t bring him back”  “No Chuck not on my watch, he’s way too young to go I’m not calling it, not now”
And in walks my son with some lame excuse for being late for dinner, I have always thought of myself as an optimist but maybe not.
“Okay here is your son’s report card please sign it and have a nice day” the teacher said and brought me out of some trance I must have been in because if she was talking to me about my son’s behavior and his report card I was zoned  out, and didn’t hear a word she said.
Well at least my sweating stopped now all that was left to do was sign my name and get out of that class room. In the parking lot I read my sons report card his grades were fine and behavior comments not so bad, now I have to just wait to see if OJ is guilty or innocent.


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