The Little Book Of Random Facts

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A collection of random facts for when you're bored or just want to improve your general knowledge. Some are amazing, some funny and some just plain wierd.

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Submitted: January 30, 2016

An ostrich can kill a lion with a single kick. Blowing air into an armadillo's bum can make it jump three feet into air. Monkeys ... Read Chapter

Historical Characters

Submitted: January 30, 2016

Mein Kampf  was given away free to every newly married couple during Hitler's time in power. James I of England only ever w... Read Chapter


Submitted: February 02, 2016

If Michael Phelps was a country, he'd rank number 35 on the all-time Olympic gold medal list, ahead of 97 nations. Roger Bannister he... Read Chapter


Submitted: February 02, 2016

There are 64 squares on a chess board. According to the accounts of writers from the time, such as Plutarch, Julias Caesar was stabbe... Read Chapter


Submitted: February 02, 2016

It is generally agreed that there are 196 countries in the world. Cuba is the only Caribbean island with a railway. Less than 1% ... Read Chapter


Submitted: February 02, 2016

'Infant' comes from Latin and means 'unable to speak'. Pakistan means 'Land of the Pure' in Urdu. 'Bow-wow', 'Ding-dong' and 'Poo... Read Chapter


Submitted: February 02, 2016

Monaco's orchestra is bigger than its army. Listening to music while working out improves performance. You prefer the oringinal v... Read Chapter


Submitted: February 02, 2016

George Lucas' dog was called 'Indiana'. Over 90% of American movies made before 1929 are lost. The dinosaur noises from Jurassic ... Read Chapter


Submitted: February 02, 2016

An old name for a Kestrel is Windfucker. Drachenfutter is a present given from a German to his wife to apologise for being out l... Read Chapter


Submitted: February 02, 2016

On Venus a day is longer than a year. The planet takes 224.7 Earth days to orbit the Sun and 243 Earth days to rotate on its axis once. ... Read Chapter


Submitted: February 02, 2016

More chemical elements have been discovered in Britain than any other country. The largest magnet in the world is located in CERN and... Read Chapter