The door

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Submitted: September 05, 2013

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Submitted: September 05, 2013



I dont know if i should be nervous about having sex or if i should feel natural about it, i mean its not like I havn't done it before i just havn't done it in my room with my door closed  and parents not in the house. If they were to come home and find me they would absolutly kill me. I thought to myself as i looked out of my window waiting for my best friend who coincidetnally was also my boyfriend to come over.


I have been at Uni the past year and thats where we met but i am home for the holidays and he lives close by, we missed eachother so much that i couldn't wait till we got back to uni. One problem in my plan is that this is my parents hosue and if they found out what i was about to do, their little angel they didnt even know that i had lost my virginity to Logan before.


"Babe its me " i was woken from my day dream with Logan sitting in the tree across from me and staring at me with his icey blue eyes, i stepped away and allowed him to climb into my room via the tree. As soon as he got through he walked up to me and kiss me passionately i couldnt help but get deep into the kiss. 


We walked back till we hit my bed and started to make out. "God i missed you so much"

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