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My review on the movie Avatar for a school science project=)

Submitted: April 28, 2011

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Submitted: April 28, 2011



Movie: Avatar
Avatar is set in the year 2154, three decades after a multinational corporation has established a mining colony on Pandora, a planet light-years from Earth for unobtanium, which has a toxic environment and hostile natives, referred to as "blue monkeys". Humans live in oxygen-drenched cocoons but move out into mines or to confront the planet's hostile creatures in armors and robotics, or as avatars.
The main character, Jake Sully, is a disabled former Marine who took his late twin brother's place in the avatar program, in hope that the study of Pandora and its population might create a more peaceful planet. Jake had to learn how to link his consciousness to an avatar, a remotely controlled biological body produced by mixing human DNA with that of the native population, the Na'vi.
The center of life of all Na’vi is a holy tree, known as Eywa, where tribal memories and the wisdom of their ancestors is theirs for the asking. Jake managed to be accepted by one tribe where a powerful, Amazonian named Neytiri takes responsibility for him to teach him how to live in the forest, speak the language of Na’vi and honor the traditions of nature.
Neytiri and Jake gradually fell in love however, they has to overcome obstacles and learn each other's heart. The Na'vi have a saying, "I see you," (Oel Nati Kamie) which goes beyond the visual sight, meaning “I see into you and know your heart”.
In Jake’s few months with the Na'vi, he experienced their life as the "true world" and that inside his crippled body which was locked in a coffin-like transponding device, where he can control his avatar, is as the "dream." The switch to the other side is gradual as his body remains with the human colony while his consciousness is with the Na’vi.
Jake provided solid intelligence about the Na'vi defensive capabilities to Col. Miles Quaritch, the head of security for the mining activity, as well as the movie's villain. However, as the plot developed, Jake came to see things through Neytiri's eyes. He hoped to establish a bond of trust between the humans and the Na’vi to negotiate a peace but the corporation wanted the land the Na'vi occupied for its valuable raw material and hence sees no purpose in this.
The battle for Pandora occupies much of the final third of the film. The planet's animal life -- the creatures of the ground and air -- give battle along with the Na'vi, but they come up with poisoned arrows against machine guns, missiles, bombs and armor that seemingly would be their ruin and destroy Eywa for the unobtanium underneath the tree.

I really appreciate and enjoyed watching Avatar as through the movie, I learnt that no matter what happens, as long as you are determined and display perseverance, you would be able to succeed at the end of the day. Avatar also taught me the importance of the conservation and preservation of our vulnerable environment. The movie reflected on the possible consequences of not having any more resources on Earth and the gory fight to obtain resources from alternative sources by means of violenc

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