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An essay I wrote that got rated 77/100.

Submitted: July 18, 2012

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Submitted: July 18, 2012



As a child growing up, I had a skilled hand in the arts, but no other piece of art could have been more beautiful than my ability to write. I was born into a family of so-called \"nomads\". My mother and father lived in almost every major city in South Africa, and once even lived on a remote farm. I was an only, and adjusted easily to this nomadic lifestyle. Since my parents were artists, I was expected to carry on their legacy. My mother once told me, \"You have an amazing gift, don't ever waste it\", and from that moment I started putting down all my feelings and pieces of paper. Being the only child, I felt lonely and that lead to me having an imagination. I often found myself sitting under a tree and inventing little tales. The first story that I've ever created was when I was 12, and it was a bout a farmer in the Arctic (Shows you what a childish and wild imagination I had!) My imagination ran wild with all kinds of ideas. Everyday I worked on them, and soon was the author of my very own storybook; complete with colorful illustrations that I myself had drawn. From that day forward all I wanted to do was write. I found inspiration in the most odd places and came back with a story. I lived in a fantasy world where anything and everything was possible if I just believed in it. Today, I am a successful writer. I achieved my dream through believing and working hard. I had many hardships, but came out a stronger person. All it took was a small girl believing in herself and practising her craft.

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