'my black bird song'

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
'my black bird song' is a poem i've written with some lyric senses admixed down through, rhythm is broken occasionally and nothing special, just imagination.

Submitted: December 21, 2016

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Submitted: December 21, 2016



‘My Black Bird song’:-

Suvendu Chowdhury



A ray on the sill, and come you;

a lift in the pane, and come you;

a warm through my sleepy eyes, come you;

a chink in the glass, come you;

a shake in the shrubs, come you;

a drop of the moon, and come – you:


 Don’t go! ...... you ......don’t go please;

 Please don’t go.......please, no go.


See? Gloom hangs my sun, aft go you;

Fog hugs my glass, aft go you;

Death taps my shrubs, go you so;

Dank tastes my dew, go you so;


Don’t go....please, go you don’t....


Alone in the noon, and come you

a breeze past the slash, come you

a fall in the leaves, and come you,

a void in the sigh, you come how!

a clack in the doors, feel it’s you,

Don’t go....please, go you don’t....


A faint in the glow, and come you,

a red in the west, and come you,

a chirp in the nest, and come you,

a brace for the chill, and it’s you,

a rest in my sense, oh! I feel You,

Don’t go....please, go you don’t....

Ought you not.....


The day calls me now, “crop in my sack”; I,

Fall off my chin, see lonely back; I,

Think of the maze, missed for you;

Wasteful the day, are where you?

Listen, clang of that bell, bleat of that lamb,

Shut of that door, ghost of that dark, screech of that owl,

How blinds me out, stings me hard, haunts me down!

How, helpless I am without you!!

I crouch in the bed to flee the looming shade;

The hell drags me there you will not know;

I cry deep in my heart to nobody’s hear,

Only if you could, if you were,

Soon, half-closed my eyes, I see a veil of halo;

Of what comes a dark nymph out,

This chaste a soul, this innocent a glance, of no one else;

It’s you, it’s you I have waited ages through;

the hell shakes in dark, bore not that blaze;

I bemused to see you slowly come to me;

Held my hand to take me to light,

Simple a smile put hurts to flight,

The gentle dark hair, sprightly wafting lair,

That just made me happy, happier this moment is,

Let me rest in such calm, your hand I hold in palm –

Never you leave me alone, never be alone;

Should such a promise be; then, why can’t I tell -

I broke your words, or you broke mine?

Woke up on the bed agile – to cry out to stop you,

‘Oh! No, don’t go...don’t go please, I am broken heart,

Never break me again, never you go, don’t do this again.....

Don’t go....please, go you don’t....

...I dig in depth, yet, hope for the best-

Lay close eyes heavy, to pass this heavy night once over –

To blink up for you, won’t let you go, won’t let you ever.

© Copyright 2020 Suvendu. All rights reserved.

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