Confusion, Sadness, and Revenge

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Xavier is with a mysterious girl who has deep plans for him. Mia wonders what she can do to help her beloved Xavier get home. She vows to herself she will do anything to save him even if it means risking her life.

Submitted: July 11, 2012

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Submitted: July 11, 2012



?Confusion sadness revenge.
(Part 2 of deep end of the soul)

  I'm crying hard as I see my best friend get tugged away by complete strangers who probably wants him dead. I feel so helpless in fact I am. I'm locked to my chair so I can't endanger my safety says one of the men in black coats. Safety first said the other.
  All I can do is sit here and hope that he'll be just fine. Huh, when did hoping ever get you anywhere? That's right never. I need him to be just fine.  I close my eyes and picture Xavier lying on the cold hard floor of some vehicle or building awaiting my rescue but all I can do is sit back and totally not relax. Breathe Mia. All you can do is waiting.

Think Xavier... He thinks to himself... We are moving in I think a van. How am I going to get out? He shifts his weight just a little and he is strapped to the floor. He doesn't listen to what he tells himself and starts banging loudly.
A muffled almost robotic voice comes on speaker, “Hello sleeping beauty. Looks like you were tired or maybe when we threw you in the trunk you hit your head or perhaps the tranquilizer we gave you was too strong."
"You threw me in the car and you tranquilized me too! Come on! What am I going to do!? Ha!" he shouts.
"You didn't discover your capabilities yet. Good. "The voice says in a too calm fashion.
"What are you blabbering about?" Xavier squirms around and his skinny wrists slip out of the cuffs or maybe shackles and gets free. A light flashes and the van, car, spaceship thing stops. The person opened the window separating them and pulls out this gun. "I guess sleeping beauty should have stayed asleep. Huh?" the person says pulling the trigger and it unleashes a gigantic haze over Xavier’s mind.
Great another dream of this hazy bunny taking all my stuff and gets away with it to...he thinks in his head but this time he sees Mia with her brown eyes glowing and her hair flowing in her face and then she turns in a bunny and takes his money. I knew it was too good to be true... He thinks.
I could have helped him. It's my fault. She starts to pace around her room furious at herself. Why did I let that guy tell me what to do? Ugh I'm so stupid!
"Mia, darling, dinners ready!" My mom shouts upstairs. "I'm not hungry!"I shout back. My mom walks up the stairs and said, "Just because your Xavier wasn't what you thought he was doesn't mean you can stay in your room." "He was perfect! He was nice and strong mom! He didn't do anything." I say and start to cry.
"Sh...its alright." her mom comforts, “How about you going to sleep. Good night. “I can't let Xavier down. I need to help him now! I shout in her head...I'm sorry mom but I'm not going to be here for breakfast. I pack some things for my trip and some old food to attract bugs so I can practice. If I'm going to save Xavier I need to progress in my skill.
Someone kicks him in his stomach and the pain spreads thought out his whole body. He winces and then he opens my eyes. "Good morning again sleepy head. You must have been tired..." the person starts to say. "I wasn't tired. You tranquilized me! I really wish you people would let me go home!" Xavier says cutting off the person.
  "Oh no. You can't leave. We have important missions for you but first you must be able to go into others minds through walls, take information without them noticing, blow things up with your mind, and teleport you and others. If not the two gentlemen over there" the person points to in front of the doorway, “will give you inspiration. Do you understand me?"
"Yes, but off topic q-question. What's your name?" he asks still shocked by all that is happening. "My name is Judy Monroe," she says.
The next morning when Mia's mom goes to wake her up for school, Mia wasn't there, instead there was a note reading:
Dearest Mom,
I'm sorry I'm not here right now but I have to do something alone. I'll be home as soon as I can. I sense that a friend is in danger. This is one thing the police can't help with so don't bother even calling them mom. I know you are going to but if you love me you won't. I'm going to miss you and so are you so I left a picture frame next to this note with one of my best pictures in it. Thank you for all that you've done. I love you.
Mommy's little Rose,
Mia's mom puts down the note and clutches the photo in the frame then squeezes it to her chest and whispers," Mia stay safe."
Judy Monroe! She's Mia's friend. Why would she want me? Xavier thinks and his mind races. "Xavier, get up and stop being lazy!" Judy screams.
He gets up obeying her order without noticing. "Hey, aren't you Mia's friend?" he asks. "Not anymore. Over the summer I found out that I don't need friends. They are more like little pests, if you choose to be the leader," Judy says without a feeling in her voice.
As the light shines more on her body, it appears that it's been cut, possibly from an accident. "I was hurt by these people and they won't leave me alone. They've been chasing me hoping to get back at my family's jewels. I never told Mia this. Mia always bragged about her life being so perfect and I just can't take it! I want to show her and all those people who think their life is so perfect and all the people who killed my family and took our stuff to pay!" she says infuriatingly.
"You are not going to do anything to Mia or anyone else! I'm going to stop you!" I scream back. "Really? Well I don't think so. Xavier, forget and obey!" she commands. Xavier immediately stops, loses what he was thinking, and forgets almost everything.
"Good. Your going help I tear my foes apart starting in their head so it looks natural and no investigator will ever notice. This is where you come in. Obey," she says. He nods. A gentle tears rushes down his face as his last thought of him hurting others again slips into a permanent command. The thoughts of his family and his friends especially Mia fades away. I'm sorry.

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