Dream to Reality

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Kylie's dream was to go to the moon, but her chance of getting there was like one in one billion. How will this story turn out?

Submitted: March 22, 2015

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Submitted: March 22, 2015



There was a little girl who wanted to go to the moon. Her name was Kylie. Kylie thought about going to the moon at breakfast, at school, in bed, and even when she played. One day, she entered a contest called Moon Trivia. It was a contest where you answered questions about the moon and the winner got to go to the moon! 

She walked into the auditorium and sat down in of of the chairs on stage. There were five other contestants, but by the time it got to be Kylie's turn, there were only two. 

"Kylie" the judge said, "what is the moons length of orbit?" 

"Um.... 27.3 days?" 

"Very good, now what's the diameter?" 

"3,475 km." 

"Excellent. Lastly, how many people have walked on the moon?" 

"Twelve people, all of them American males." 

"Very good. Since there are three of you left, it's time for the final question." The judge announced. 

Kylie started to get nervous. Final question? She had to get this right! 

"Sarah" he asked contestant number one, "the moon is the fifth larget what?" 

"Planet?" Sarah asked. 

"I'm sorry, but no. Colby?" 

"The largest moon." Colby announced surely. 

".....No, colby, I'm sorry but that's incorrect." he replied, "Kylie?" 

Kylie thought for a moment then answered, "Natural satellite?" 

"Yes! Congragulations! You're on your way to the moon!" 

The next day, Kylie walked into the space station. She was so excited! As she walked into her rocket, she smiled and took a deep breath. 


-Three days later- 

"Here we are with the first, yes, I said first, woman on the moon!" a reporter for ABC News said, "Kylie, what was it like?" 

"It was wonderful, so peaceful and beatiful. And, it was such an honor for having been there, and I am so thankful!" Kylie said. 

"Do you have anything you would like to say to the children everywhere?" the reporter asked, nodding.

"Yes. Dreams do come true!" Kylie said, smiling into the camera.

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