I Wouldn't Mind, Dyllan, Baby

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I wouldn't mind if you messed of Dyllan Baby!

I wouldn't mind, Dyllan, Baby

If you cheated on me

With one


Even three other girls

I wouldn't mind, Dyllan, Baby

If you ignored me

For the rest of my life

I wouldn't mind, Dyllan, Baby

If you stabbed me in in the back


And laughed

I wouldn't mind, Dyllan, Baby

If you spit at my feet

And felt an outrageous revolt

Because I love you

With all of my heart

And nothing would

Or will

Change that

Because, you see

If you broke my heart today

Or tomorrow

If you ruined my world

Even if you stomped on my grave

I wouldn't mind, Dyllan, Baby

Submitted: September 10, 2015

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