Let it All Out

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

When you start to burst at the seams, let it all out.

"Hold me tight"

I whisper as he sneaks into my bed

"Hush now, Baby"

He says, his arm underneath my head

I hear his heartbeat and close my eyes

"Baby I'm scared"

I tell him with a tear

"I know, just let it all out

I make fists out of my hands

Clutching his shirt, my head on his chest

"Let it all out"

He tells me once again

And so I break

My seams that have been keeping me together 

Slowly come apart

He watches as all my pain and hurt suddenly collide 

I look up into his eyes

As he sews me back together

One loop

Two loops

Three loops


Each stitch with care

And when he's done

He checks that I'm just right

Then he leaves me alone to see daylight

For he only comes at night

Making sure I do as I should

That I let it all out



Submitted: April 06, 2016

© Copyright 2020 SuzonneH. All rights reserved.

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H. Adams

Well, you can tell you've been through shit... sorry, Suz. If you're struggling (and I know you've been having a creative block), don't sweat anything. Things get way better with time. I've been stuck in a rough patch for a while now and I'm trying to be as happy as I can but there seems to be a limit when things aren't too great. Awesome piece, though. Very well written. :)

Fri, April 8th, 2016 2:54am


Thank you so much Hanorbi!!

Fri, April 8th, 2016 7:56am


James William Cooper

Hey Suzonne, it's lovely to see you posting work once again. This piece in-particular caught my eye and I had to come and take a look. I love the general theme of your poem, this idea of letting it all out. Letting out all of your worries and fears and pain and hurt, so that it doesn't continue to eat you up and devour you in its darkness. I think it's important for everyone to be able to vent their anger and pain and to be able to 'let it all out' when it is needed. It's like a hose-pipe that wants the water to run through it, but someone prevents that water from fully flowing, because they've got a tight grip of the end of that hose. If we didn't have a method of letting such emotions out, I think we'd end up going completely crazy and insane.

The way you started your piece with 'Hold me tight,' conveys this idea that you're wanting his comfort and to be secure in his presence. It's like he is your oasis in the blistering heat of the desert, your protection almost just like how a baby has a nu nu blanket or something to hold or keep close for comfort, to know all is okay.

What I really loved was the line which read 'I hear his heartbeat and close my eyes.' Again, it comes back to this idea of comfort and security, that person who you can be with who makes you feel safe and who you feel such at ease with. Someone who can seem to make the scariest of worries not so scary. 'My head on his chest,' is another wonderful line relating to this. It reminds me of when puppies nuzzle under their Mother's arm to be close to her and to hear her heartbeat, in the knowledge that she will protect them. It seems such a beautiful thing and the imagery that comes along with it is just so eloquent.

'Baby I'm scared,' I tell him with a tear. I know, just let it all out.' It conveys that you are scared and worried, but what is magical about this line is that there is that reassurance from him, that it'll be okay, just let all of what is bothering you and worrying you out, set it free so that it can hurt you no more. I love that supportive touch that is present in the piece, that you're not alone in this... Someone is there for you, to be with you and to help comfort you and tell you that it'll be okay.

'And so I break,' is extremely powerful and hard-hitting! All of these emotions and feelings and sadness and anger and sorrow has finally surfaced and is ready to be released. The pressure can no longer be contained and it's time for all of those thoughts and feelings to emerge and be set free. Just like how if you were to plug a tap... Sooner or later that water will find a way to get out and it will be free. 'My seams that have been keeping me together slowly come apart.' For me, I read this line and thought of how positive it was (although that might sound a little strange). Yes these seams have been keeping you together, but they've been keeping in all of your thoughts and worries and fears and sadness... Now that they are coming apart, they are all surfacing and setting you free. They are no longer burdening you and wearing your heart heavy.

Another really powerful and emotive line within your poem Suzonne was 'He watches as all my pain and hurt suddenly collide.' I don't quite know what it was, but it was such an amazing line, the way you worded it and the way you spoke of 'the pain and hurt suddenly colliding.' The imagery is amazing, because I've got this vision of all these worries and hurt and pain you have all coming together to finally leave you, rather than burdening you any further.

'As he sews me back together, each stitch with care,' I loved this line because of how sweet and caring it was and again the imagery that accompanies it. It conveys such tenderness and compassion for you and your well-being Suzonne.

I really liked the ending where you wrote 'For he only comes at night, making sure that I do as I should... That I let it all out.' I think it's great that you let all those emotions and feelings out Suzonne, that you free yourself from the pressure that they put you under. To me, being able to release all that is hurting and painful inside is being strong and you certainly are strong Suzonne, even if you don't always think you are. I'm glad that you didn't decide to keep them locked away inside of you that instead you chose to rid yourself from these thoughts and feelings of sadness and pain and hurt... You should be extremely proud of yourself. I can't even begin to imagine how hard it must have been for you, to have all this hurt pent up inside of you and then to release it. I can only begin to imagine how much of a great feeling it is, to rid yourself of such things. Hanorbi's got it spot on, things do get better with time Suzonne... It's just patience and perseverance that's all.

Take great care Suzonne and as always such a wonderfully written piece, so wonderful in-fact that I cannot always find the words to describe them. :) Have a wonderful day!

Sat, April 9th, 2016 11:09am


Thank you so much James!! I guess some of my spark is coming back? Either way, I've missed you all and am ready to start posting more regularly.

Mon, April 11th, 2016 12:14pm




Tue, May 31st, 2016 12:00am


Thank you!!

Tue, May 31st, 2016 5:59am




Mon, August 22nd, 2016 1:51am


*Also sighs*

Mon, August 22nd, 2016 8:51am

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