"Something Strange and Deadly" Review

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Her brother has been captured, her father killed, and her whole life sabotaged. Or... has it?

Submitted: August 14, 2015

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Submitted: August 14, 2015



"Something Strange and Deadly" is written by Susan Dennard. It's about a a young girl named Eleanor Fitt. The year is 1876, and the dead have come to life. Worst of all, her brother has been taken by them! Or so she thinks.

One reason why I love this book is the drama. She loses two people, must pretend to love someone, is actually in love with someone else, and so on. I won't say any names because I hate spoilers, or do I? But, let me tell you this. The love story, or should I say stories, in this book are exceptional! I cried, I laughed, I smiled, I frowned, sometimes even all at once!

Another reason why I loved this book was even though it was in 1876, it had so much technology and smarts in it! They had devices that we don't even have, or most likely even thought of! I was shocked when I read about them, especially the one with the (SPOILER ALERT) electricity/lightning.

The last reason was the detailization. She described the smallest things in such a big way, which made it seem so real. Like you were there! I gasped at scary parts, looking behind me when they did. I felt the tingle as they (SPOILER ALERT) kissed, and so much more. She has to be one of my favorite writers in my list of descriptive writers.


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