The Cause of my Death

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The love of my life? More like my killer.

Submitted: March 19, 2015

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Submitted: March 19, 2015



Depression is like a black hole. It swallows you up, and you can't get out. No matter how much you try. It's dificult to smile, laugh, to even breathe. You're always glazed over, your face covered in a fake smile. But then, you find him, your one and only. He makes you smile, laugh, able to cry. All of a sudden, you're fully in love, so happy. You love him, and you're finally happy to be alive. Then, disaster strikes. He never really liked you, didn't care. He'd played you, used you. He was your world, but now he's thrown you off of it! You're worse than before, all you can do is drag that blade across your skin. You see that crimson red flowing down your arm, and you cut more. You start to get dizzy. You keep cutting, grabbing the bottle of pills that you've been saving for exactly this moment. You take them, chugging them down with some beer. You cut more, until you can't breathe. You smile, writing down your last and final words. "Babe, aren't you happy? Aren't you proud? You were my world, my all! Now I'm gone, you see? You played me, and this is the result. The sad part? I'm still in love with you." With that last word, you black out. You're through, that's the end of you.

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