love in a different light.

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just the way i see love. its different than anything you will ever read so please read it and tell me what you think good or bad...

Do you know how it feels to love someone with all your heart and that person not love you back? Can you even begin to understand how that makes a person feel? It’s like dying form the inside, once a upon a time you were on cloud nine and now you have come crashing down to earth with a big bump.  It’s like floating in mid air and no one can touch you but when you realize the truth its like the entire world is against you and you bear that weight on your shoulders.


Some say love is one of the most painful things one can experience but true love is not like that at all. It’s simple yet satisfying. There is no need for words with true love. Your actions will always speak louder than words but you probably should use words sometimes. True Love is like an understanding between two people. It can’t be bought or sold; it can not be regained because it is never lost; it can’t be killed with lust or passion. True love exists only between people who love themselves and I’m not talking about vain people, I’m talking about people who accept who they are and don’t want to change themselves. Truth be told you will never know how to love someone until you truly love yourself. How can you love someone if you can’t even love yourself?  God loves you, so why can’t you love yourself? Even if you are poor, even if you wear rags, even if you are old, even if you aren’t as beautiful as other people, God loves you.  Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not beautiful because in God’s eyes you are perfect just the way you are. So even if people tell you that you are ugly, never and I mean never believe them, because you are beautiful and the only people in this life who matter are those who love you or like you just the way you are.


Life is unfair. There is nothing we can do about it except try and make it better. Don’t try to be perfect because you will never be. You are human except it. Humans were not created to be perfect otherwise this world would be a pretty dull place. Be who you are and say what you feel because those who matter won’t mind and those who mind don’t matter. There will always be someone or some people who don’t like you, who will always try to put you down, who will kick you while you’re down, hurt you and hurt you until you can’t get up. If you have let this happen and have hit rock bottom don’t give up because you can’t go any lower than rock bottom. From the bottom the only way to go is up. But be warned don’t let power, money or anything get to your head because when you are at the top you have two options: stay at the top or go down.

Don’t think it will be a light fall either because when you are at the top the fall hurts the most. Remember to keep trying. I have two quotes for you: the first is “You try, you fail, you try, you fail, but the only true failure is when you stop trying” you are probably thinking ‘what do you want me to do?’ My answer: Try Again. The second quote is “it’s the mind that keeps thinking you’ve had enough but the heart keeps telling you don’t give up. Who are we to be questioning what is what? Don’t give up. Do it all. Just stand up”


You don’t have to be a prisoner in your mind, It will be alright, let your heart be your guide, you will know that there’s hope if trust in God, everything will be alright. Live your life, let your heart be your guide. It will get better through what ever. Just because you go though it alone doesn’t mean that you are alone. You have your family if not your friends to stand by you. Just because you are going through it doesn’t mean you have to take control. But sometimes taking control is not only healthy but also necessary. Don’t wait to be saved, save yourself. If you are ill don’t wait for someone to tell everything is going to be alright.


Love is a struggle against those who want to see you apart. You have the choice to let them win or stand for love.  Love is meant to persevere above all evil, through all trials, against all temptation. Don’t be in love alone. Love is between two people, it is a two way street not one way. The one who truly loves you is willing to wait for you, to fight you, to defend you against anyone and everyone. They are willing to take time to understand you, not because they have to but because they want to. They are willing to put their heart, their soul and their life on the line for you, for the world to see. They don’t care how long it takes, they don’t care what people think. They pay no attention to rumors. They make no false accusations. More importantly they forgive. No matter how big the mistake, no matter how bad it hurt them, they will eventually forgive you. No matter who you are, what you look like, who you look up to. Even when you are dressed in rags with dirt all over you with scruffy hair, you will still be the most beautiful person to them.


Love is more than a word, more than a feeling, more than an action. Love is your soul, love is being, love who you are and what you, you. Love is heart not your mind. It’s faith, trust, desire. Love more any passion, its that passion that is irreplaceable. It’s not lust. Love is you, It’s only inexplicable in a simple definition. Don’t try and explain love in a dictionary’s way. Do it in your way. Say what you feel and feel what you say. At the say time say what you mean and mean what you say. Don’t give false hope. If you don’t love someone that you’ve known for a while, don’t give them hope. Don’t expect to learn to love because you won’t, you can’t. Don’t waste their time or yours.


Fight for the love you already have. Don’t let anyone take that from you. Don’t have secrets from the one you love and who you are sure loves you. Don’t lie because it hurts like hell. Don’t be afraid to be yourself because that all that they want. YOU. That’s all.


But then again don’t fight for something that’s not worth it. There’s no use in fighting a battle that the one you are fighting for is the first to surrender. Think what’s worth fighting for. Sometimes it’s just better to let go of something that is not working.


Don’t assume they are cheating on you unless you have sufficient reason to believe so and don’t accuse them unless you caught them or someone you trust but not someone that wants you to be with someone else. Don’t try to get even with them by cheating because as you know two wrongs don’t make a right they just make it harder to forgive.


I see people in love grow apart. I see people in love begin to despise on another. I see people in love drawn away from each other by others. I see people in love give up on each other. I also see people in love grow stronger. I see them persevere. I see them fight for their love. And I see them win.


It’s one thing to fight for your love against others but it’s another thing to fight against the people who love you for someone who doesn’t love you.


Love is also respect. Someone who doesn’t respect you just doesn’t love you. The sooner people learn this, the better. Don’t try and convince yourself that you can change a person because you can’t. if that person was really interested in you they will respect you from the start of things. Like they say you can put make-up on a pig but at the end of the day it will still be a pig. You do come across that 1 in 10 000 that are willing to change for the person they love. If you see that the one you love is trying to change then be patient, it won’t happen over night.


Try to understand that even if you know that the one you love is cheating on, you shouldn’t cheat back. It’s just that why cheat back yet you know that it’s not going to help the situation at all. Ok let me explain further: what if you don’t know for sure that this person is cheating on you, what if you are just assuming? Then what? You cheat that person finds out you say that they were cheating only to find out that they were doing something for you or for their family. Cheating is the second most painful thing you could do to the one you love. It makes them feel like you don’t appreciate them at all, like you were just playing with them.  Being drunk is no longer a valid excuse; it may have worked some time ago but not in this day and age. If you know that you can’t control your mind and actions when you drink don’t do it, or at least don’t do it to the extent where you are no longer in control. Think with your heart and mind not your body or libido.


Try to understand every situation that they go through, try to find out the facts, the reality. Don’t assume anything because as I was told once; assumption makes an ass of you and me. Know what you are saying to avoid saying any thing stupid or that may hurt them. Don’t let others put bad thoughts in your head because you will suffer the consequences alone. They won’t be there for you then. They will lead you down the wrong path and leave you there and when all is said and done you will be completely alone. Don’t underestimate the power of anyone; they may just surprise you. If someone is determined to come between you and the one you love they will eventually succeed without really getting involved. It could be your mother or even your friends. Family and friends are very powerful when it comes to influence because you trust them not to betray you. Some will and some won’t. The only advice I can give in relation to this is stand your ground and be firm.


Have the backbone to find the truth. Don’t trust anyone’s word alone they must have proof. If that person has never lied to you before a specific period of time then something is definitely up. Find the facts, know them, make sure of them and then you can confront someone.


Friends of the one you love could also be a problem for you. When they admit to you or it’s really obvious to anyone that they also like the one you love, well then… then you have a problem especially if they are close. But its one thing to know it and it’s a whole other thing to assume because if you just assume it then it’s probably all in your head. Try and be friends with the friends of the one you love, this way their loyalty lies also with you too.


If you and your partner are going through a rough patch then good luck. I wish you all the best. Be strong and don’t let it interfere with the other areas of your life. Prioritize and know what is most important to you. Take the time to think about it. Be sure of what you are told. And most importantly know where to draw the line.





Lies are a big part of life. As I have mentioned already they are deceitful and hurt those around you including those not directly involved. Jealousy plays a big role in lying; most of the time people lie because they are jealous of you or the one you love and most of the time the liar is someone very close to you, someone you trust. You push away the one you love because of lies you are not even sure of. Even someone on their death bed is capable of lying just to hurt you. You may think that they have no reason to lie because they are about to die, you may even think that they won’t lie because they want repentance or forgiveness for their sins; this is not entirely true. Think for a moment how much can you really trust this person before putting you relationship, your lives and your hearts at risk. The probability that someone who has lied to you before is going to lie to you again is very high but if you know that you are very impulsive try and understand. If you hear for yourself that someone is out to sabotage you or the one you love from their own mouth, be it in private or directly, you can not fully trust this person. Before you judge someone though, think of the wrong you have done against others. Don’t overreact if someone cheats if you know you cheated as well; there is no point; you are just being a hypocrite.


I have said many times that trust is a part of love. It is the most important part. If you don’t have trust, you have nothing. Don’t be afraid to trust someone just because someone else broke your heart; that is not fair to them or to yourself. 


Faith, Family and Love are the greatest treasures one can have in life. If you have these then even if the world turns upside down or you fate keeps changing for the better or for the worse, you will always make it through.


Even if you have all the riches in the world but have not love, you have nothing. Even If you give up all you have and surrender your body to flames but you have not love, you have gained nothing. Even if you are the most popular person, but you don’t have love, you have absolutely nothing. If you have faith and family then at least you have something but your life is never really complete without Love. Life is about love. Love is about family. Family is about faith. Faith is about love and family. You must always have faith. Have faith in your religion, in your family and in your love.


Faith reunites many couples that are in love. True love will never really die; it just can’t or won’t. You can try and forget the one you love but you never will. They will always be there, you may be able to shove the memories back for some time but there are memories that most will never forget. They will be there sitting at the back of your mind. Your faith in one another will reunite you eventually. The reason you will still have faith in that person is that you never stop believing in them even if you are apart you will never stop believing in them.


When you are ready to give up on love remember these words-“Gulong NgPalad it means “Stand For Love”. Always stand for a love that you have faith in.


Family is very important because at the end of the day they will stand by your side when no one else will. They give you strength to live, to laugh, to cry, and to love. They encourage you to pursue your dreams and have strength to keep at them. They cry with you. They laugh with you. They are with you though thick and thin, giving you strength and cheering you on. They are your pillar of strength and hope. They give you life and no matter how annoying they can be at times, they really love you.


The most difficult times don’t last forever, all problems are temporary. Be strong and hold on, it may seem hard now but the storm will pass, remember it may be stormy now but it can’t rain forever. Come out of this fight stronger than before, be the victor not the victim. Be who you are and say what you feel, you might be surprised and people might actually start to respect you more than they did before.

Submitted: October 30, 2010

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