Torture Show

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

I'll torture any warrior so R&R

Table of Contents

Torture Show

I'll torture any warrior so R&R Read Chapter


Swiftfire: First I'll need Lionblaze. (Lionblaze randomly appears) Lionblaze: Where am I and who are you? Swiftfire: You're o... Read Chapter


Swiftfire: Sorry guys my sister has to take care of her kits and baby-sit mine so today assisting me today is my other sister Icepool. ... Read Chapter


Swiftfire: Sorry people Spottedfire is still baby-sitting and Icepool caught blackcough (worse form of greencough). So I've got to call m... Read Chapter


Swiftfire: AAarrrgg! There's no one who can host with me at the moment so I have to look through these crappy applications*looks through ... Read Chapter


Swiftfire: Welcome back to the Torture Show and since I was almost sued last week for mental scarring I will state that we are not respon... Read Chapter


Swiftfire: Welcome back I will say it one more time you can't sue me Icewind: Today we'll torture Jayfeather Swiftfire: I'd like ... Read Chapter