stay true to who you are or write your name in bullets

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Submitted: December 27, 2011

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Submitted: December 27, 2011



Andy's pov

I walk along the beach,right along the oceans edge.The cold ocean water hitting the side of my legs.I came down here to think about everything that had happened these last few months.I had not seen Bradie or Shaun in more then a month,and our band was suffering because of it.I took a deep breath before walking up further along the beach.I walked up along the path,to the cafe.I saw a girl,serving drinks.She looked exactly like my old girlfriend.It nearly brought me to tears.She didn't deserve to have cancer,at her age.Or at any age at all.No one deserves to have cancer. I walked back to the beach house I had been in to get away from everything.But now I new that that girl was here.What If I saw her again,how could I got past the cafe again.Or even walk past or even walk along the beach.I unlocked the door of the beach house.I walked in finding the light on in the kitchen.Someone's here,who's here?I grabbed the baseball bat that was at the front door.Dont ask why i have a baseball bat by my front door.I had it in my hands ready to knock someone out.Then...I realized that it was Shaun and Bradie.What were they doing here.I looked at them confused,I wasn't expecting them to be here.I didn't even recognize Shaun with his hair short.I didn't even say one word to either if them.Instead I walked to the fridge and grabbed a beer out of it.I twisted the bottletop my beer."Andy you really need to come back to budgewoi,we need to start recording the new album!"Shaun said to meI shrugged, then taking a sip out of my beer and walking into my bedroom before slamming my door In Shaun's face."Fine!! We'll leave.But you know know your costing our band it's record deal,and fans.I heard Shaun and Bradie leave,because one of them slammed the door behind them.I thought for a bit about what I was doing and how It was affecting the band,and my friendship with Shaun and Bradie.I sighed then got up from the bed,grabbed my bag and started grabbing my clothes out of the draw and shoving them into my bag.When I had done that,I walked into the kitchen grabbed the bus times and walked straight out that door.I walked to the bus stop then realizing that the next bus wasn't going to be here untill another hour,I sighed and walked to the cafe.I had completely forgotten about the girl there.But I tryed to not think about how much she resembled my girlfriend and focused on getting back to ordering my coffee.The girl who looks like my girlfriend,well old girlfriend came up to me.She wanted to take my order,she looked at me in amazement for ages.Like I was some ghost.Finally she blurted out "omg! Your Andy clemmensen!!"I looked at her in suprise,I didn't think anyone around here would know who I was....

Shaun's p.o.v

I really hoped Andy was gonna come back to budgewoi soon.I get he was depressed about losing his girlfriend,so would everyone in that situation.But he was costing us our record deal,and we are super close to losing it!I got out of bed,realising if Andy didn't get his ass moving,I would be out of a job.What other job let's you have the chance to tour Australia and hang out with your bestfriends 24/7.I walked down stairs,I heard a faint chatter as I walked further down the stairs.I walked into the kitchen grabbing a piece of toast,and taking a bit out of it.Then realising Andy was standing behind me with my girlfriend Brooke.She smiled at me before coming over to me and kissing me on the cheek.
"So you decided you would come back ??"
He just smiled at me.So I'm guessing that was a maybe then.I grabbed brooke by the hand,and lead her into the lounge room.I found Bradie sitting on the couch,eyes glued to the tv.He was playing skyrim.He was to distracted by skyrim to even realise we were in the same room.
"yo! Bradie! Andy's back!" I said walking over to him,and standing in front of the tv.
"what do you want me to go do,hug him??" Bradie said quickly eyes still glued to the tv.
"sure if that's what you want" I said sarcastically
Bradie just looked up at me and gave me evils.But he did pause skyrim...Bradie got up,obviously deciding that it was to hard to play skyrim with me standing infront of the tv.I sat down on the couch.Brooke joined me,then she changed the channel by sitting on the remote.It changed to the vmusic channel,and we were on.

Bradies p.o.v

After Shaun was being gay and standing infront of the tv.I decided to go talk to Andy.Since you know we haven't talked on two months.I walked into the kitchen,Andy was sitting at the kitchen table,eating toast with a depressed look on his face.
"hey Andy!! So what was being up at the north shore like!" I asked him.
"depressing!! I saw a girl who looks exactly like Charlotte" Andy sighed before taking another bight of his toast.
I didn't know what to say.Ive never lost someone I was about to get married to from cancer.I walked to the fridge grabbing a can if coke then sitting back with andy, i said
" Andy I know your depressed and I would be too!but you really need to start getting your life back in order!"
I knew all he was going to do was smile or shrug.But he needed to know that he needs to move on and pick himself up...

Andy's p.o.v

 *next day*

I walked to the front door.Was I really about to do this again.Leave Shaun and Bradie,and most likely cost them our cerer.Yes I really was.I pulled my hoody up over my head and walked out in the rain.I didn't say good bye this time because I knew nobody would let me go but I had to.I walked to the bus stop.The rain was pouring down,and the shelter of the bus stop was tiny and so I was completely drenched...

*andy bck at the north shore*

I made my way to the beach house again.Their was no rain in sight up here.I dragged my bags into the house,they were pretty heavy.I swear I didn't bring tht many clothes.I left everything at the front door and headed for the beach.Needed to clear my head again,not that it was going to do anything.

Taylah's p.o.v

I walked along the beach,my shift at the cafe was just over,and I still had sometime before Sarah and Eddie were gonna come pick me up,To go to the guys first headline show.The guys meaning Jed,james,jacko and Eddie.The sand on the beach was filled with shells,I wasn't looking where I was going because I was to busy studying them,when I ran into a guy.It took me about ten seconds to realise it was Andy clemmensen.How lucky am I .To run into Andy clemmensen to days in a row.I just smiled like a complete idiot at him.He smiled back,but it looked like he had been crying.Wow!! Andy crying hey!! Never expected that would happen.I finally got the guts to say "are you alright??"
He smiled at me then said"not really.Long story..."
"who said I didn't have time" I laughed then smiled.
He smiled back at me,then said " I'll tell you over a coffee??"
"sure!!" I said smiling...

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