Ruby Red Allure.

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a poem about believing a murderer.

Submitted: September 15, 2013

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Submitted: September 15, 2013



They look all over town,

For the girl who can’t be found.

Checking all the wrong spots,

Taking comfort in the words of a murderer.

That run around girl,

Everyone saw her but no one knew her.

She believed the lies of lethal eyes.



Her mistake is now paid in full,

His charge being her ruby red blood

Her intrigue and love spread across the floor



She isn’t his first and won’t be his last

That familiar twitch tickles the back of his neck again and again

The contentment in the back of his throat

Strands of her auburn hair wrapped around his fingers like barbed wire.

Feeding on his memories of her in a dark room

This urge will never leave him, never pass.



Until he slays again.

Until next time.

And another girl falls for his tender allure.



And they believed the lies of lethal eyes.


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