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The resolve of writing this article strengthened as I observed the bitter realities of life.

Submitted: October 22, 2011

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Submitted: October 22, 2011





What this world really is? Yeah yeah yeah

I know you got a bunch of answers, the most prominent of which are  :  affairs, fun, work, tours, engagement.....bla bla bla.

But wait here! I'm not talking about YOUR life, I'm talking about LIFE ITSELF.

Now don't you dare tell me you've never seen a homeless, jobless person? or kids searching trash bins for something to eat, when you just dumped that still hot half burger in it. Or maybe a kid himself being run over by a drunken driver? or a widow yelling for her husband who was killed by some terrorist gang....for nothing?

Of course not.

So, we're here today to really think whether life is worth living or not? Why, some of us get beautiful clothes, lavish feats, big bungalows, even when we don't deserve them, and others get rags, a footpath to sleep and not even a single decent meal a day? Is that what you call justice?

You know, sometimes I feel myself torn over this question........I spend sleepless nights, I find myself searching for a proper reason to get all the stuff I have and others don't. I God really so cruel that he could do this to us all?

ALL..................UNTIL.................. a day came when I became an orphan. Before I had even reached the age of 14......I found my father ripped away from me. I cried, screamed, yelled......everything........but nothing brought him back. I spent my nights yearning for my own dad........

Then, today, a thought crossed my mind. I asked God "Why did you take away one of my most precious possessions? when I've done nothing to arouse your wrath, I'm an innocent kid, still thinking those times back, when I wished to become a fairy. That's when I saw two kids rummaging in the trash bin ... undoubtedly...for something to extinguish the fire of hunger now howling in their stomachs......I saw one of them draw a dry piece of bread out of the bin and then they began to fight over it. And someone inside me said.....

"God would've taken your father if he had been yours, then you could have justly said that it was unfair. But what to say? when the one who brought him in this world, took him away??????"

and I's so difficult to understand, when absorbed in the colours of wordly stuff....



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