Painful laughter Chapter 1

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J, just J is 16 and is already a senior she is super smart and athletic and she NEVER breaks the rules. Until her boyfriend Alex ( who is 18 and super sexy and is going to college with J) has a party and she decides for once that she is going to have fun. Next thing she knows she wakes up in a cave with things that are from a diffrent universe using her as a walking deli shop.

Submitted: May 16, 2012

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Submitted: May 16, 2012



I closed my triginometry book with a loud thud, I looked at the clock and moaned 12:30 am. I still had my track uniform on and needed a searing hot shower. I stumbled to the bathroom excited to get this sweat off of me. I let the hot spray roll down my body and start scraping off the salt layer that has dried, I grab my soap bottled and drop it.

"Ahhrg!" I huff as I bent over my legs soar from my six mile practice after track, since I do cross country also.

" Heeyyy." I hear a muffled male voice and alsmost fell on my face trying not to scream. I yanked my dark purple around me trying to conceal myself I looked around my bathroom praying there wasn't a rapist around. When the coast was clear I grabbed my big fluffly black towel and looked out my window and saw Alex, the love of my life. He was trying to be quiet since my parents are very strict about "bedtime", he had a tight black shirt that fit nicely to his chisiled chest and abs and khaki shorts on that showed off his muscular legs from basketball and track and soccer.

"What are you doing here?" I whispered, the excitement from him not supose to be here made me feel so giddy and bad.

Alex smirked like he didn't care, but I know he is scared of my dad at 6'1" and he was in the military for 12till he broke his back " I am having a party and I thought that you would like to come." His voicewas still quiet but a little louder. I thought about this, any other time I would NEVER even think about doing this but I am tired of being the good girl that is why my parents let me go out with Alex because they knew I would never do anything.

"That sounds awesome, what do you want me to wear?" I asked my voice was soft

" Well let me up there and I will pick it out for you." Alex said smoothly, I think Alex knew I am finally am tired of being the nice girl that would never do anything bad

" Okay, but don't try anything funny." I said trying to act serious, knowing that Alex never would try anything,he respected me I know it sounds cliche and all but still.

I ran into my room to get my pj's on so he wouldn't see me in just a towel. I hurried up and put on my essencials and dark purple silk pj's. I had just slipped on my shirt when I heard Alex climbing through my window. I whirled around and saw him covering his eyes playfully.

"Are you decent?" He asked quietly.

"Yes, you can stop now." I said throwing my favorite silky black pillow at his face and missing by a mile, he grinned hearing my epic fail.

He uncovered his eyes" Now I remeber why you don't play anything that includes throwing, you suck" I stuck my tongue out at him trying to act mad but it didn't work when he smiled I want to smile and be happy with him, wich is all of the time it seems."Wow still black and purple I see," Alex had been in my room before with my parents permission of course but nothing happend, just a quick smooch remeber I am the good girl."Wow I really like this one, not as good as the one of the place we had our first date."

"Oh you like the sunflower, they were my mother's favorite. I think I almost like it as much as the park, I got the colors right after twenty minutes of mixing yellow and gold." I repeated in a soft voice, thinking of my mother and Alex and I's first date.

I heard some noise in my closet and saw that Alex had found me and outfit to wear, he was beaming " Everyone will be jealous, more than usual of course." He was holding a black tank and my black cargo pants with like a hundred pockets, it was my favorite outfit.

"I guess." I pretended to be so sadto be almost matching to my perfect boyfriend

After I got dressed, with Alex's eyes averted he helped me wiggle my down it was only about a 7 foot drop and with me being 6feet tall it wasn't to bad with my greenconverse. Alex was three inches taller thanme so he quickly dropped and puthis arm around my waist and led me to his car.

" Areyou ready to finally let loose?" Alex asked once we were in his blackford f. 150. I nodded andleaned forward running my fingers through his long black hair staring into hisgreenish blue eyes, before leaning in for a quick kiss.

" Now I am ready." I leaned back and smile, "I am soo b.a!"

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