christmas night

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
"will you please leave me?"vedna shouted throwing a showpiece on the door
her mom left.she went to her room and laid on her bed.a silent tear slept right from her eyes.she was hurt by vedna's behavior .everything she did was for her and her family.and now

Submitted: December 23, 2016

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Submitted: December 23, 2016



23rd December 2016
Friday,9:30 pm

Chilly winds,hands on pocket,earphone around her ears .Vedna was on her way back to home.
She never was this late but mumbai's traffic and the winter rush results this. The road was quite 
with very few people walking by.Shops were almost closed.Her phone ranng just then she looked 
and it was her mom "What?" she said with a very calm tone her mom replied "where are you dear?"
"coming" was all she said and then switched off her phone and decided not to go home."what is this man?
i mean i will be home.where else can i go ?she knows it and still she asks every now and then.WHERE ARE YOU?
WHAT WILL YOU EAT FOR DINNER? ETC...ETC.."Vedna kept saying things and cursing her mom.She complained why her 
mom has to be like this? why did she kept track of her?Why dont she just mind her own business?its now very irritating for her to 
be around her mom.

23rd December 2016
Friday,12:30 pm

vedna was walking slowly to her apartment when she saw her mother with many more people all tensed.her mom was on phone and crying.
two of her neighbour stood by her to console her."what happened?" Vedna said. "oh thank god you are god i was so worried for you 
i thaught.....ohh thank god nothing happned to you? are alright right? you didnt got hurt are fine ? you..."
"wait..... mom you mean all these audiance are for me?you thaught something happned to me?" Her mom was blank she  said after a moment
"yes beta i got worried its past 12 and you said you were on way and then your phone got off so i..."
"so you thaught of a crime scene and then created this drama company at mid night.Its disgusting mom how could you?i mean when will you stop being
such old? just leave me alone please i dont need you ." vedna went straight to the kitchen took her plate which already was served picked it up and to her room.
She locked herself in and after having her food through the spacing of her door she slide her plate.In a few moment her mom took that plate and knocked the door
"how was the food baby?"....NO ANSWER..."oh may be it was the onion.Ok dear next time i will put some spice..." "will you please leave me?"vedna shouted throwing a showpiece on the door
her mom left.she went to her room and laid on her bed.a silent tear slept right from her eyes.She was hurt by vedna's behavior .Everything she did was for her and her family.And now 
her only asset was vedna.She accepts that she was not forward like other mom.She called her thousand of times.She makes spicy food at home instead of ordering pizza from macdonalds.
She know that she kept worring about her daughter right when she leaves for work till she is back at home.But what else can she do?how can she not think about her ?she is all that she has.
who else is for her? she kept thinking and sleep drove her silently.

24th December 2016
Saturday,7:30 am

vedna woke up early and went for her work.she didnt wanted to face her mom ,not in the morning.on her way she kept looking at her phone.she was certain that her mom would call
"waiting for someone special vedna ?" "han?? no nothing" its good she dont ping isnt it?

24th December 2016
Saturday,1:00 pm

"whats on that phone vedna? you keep looking at it every now and then.Some secret?"
"yeah vedu.....""who is he???""vedu's finally gotta boyuuuu"
"shutup you girls" vedna said in annoyed voice
"hey we were just kidding...its just that you are looking to it more than you ever did"
"besides you always complained about your mom keeping record of you but today i dont think she msged you .Am i right?"
"yeah she didnt." "wait ...isnt that what you ve always wanted?"
"right ...lets not just ruin this girls..i m sry so what were we discussing?oh yaa the after work ,at the beach sharp at 7."

24th December 2016
Saturday,9:00 pm

"hey girls....this ones for you....." Shilpa one of vednas bestest friend stood on the table and tapped on 'Rock Me by One D'
"yooohooo...go on rock girl....." every one down with vedna shouted.

after half an hour vedna along with her friends went for dinner.
"ill take mashroom""mashroom for me too""panner for me""i wont have any of them hakka noodles for me.""and for you?""hello""vedna???"
the three of the girls shouted. "paneer for me too"
"where are you yaaa??i noticed you you dont seem like in a mood to party."
vedna was about to say something when  her phone rang...she didnt even look who it was.she picked up and said"Mom where were you all day?"
"hey its me nishant." "ohh sorry nishant i thought..anyways whatsup?"
"nothing's good vedu you remember i told you about my mom?she moved on with her new boyfriend."
"ohh shit nishant so sorry to hear about are you now?" "not good at know vedu where am i?"
"where are you?" "i am at your house with your mom.She saw me at the park today while crying and insisted me to come along with her"
"what ?you are at my house?" "yup whole day.And she cared for me more than my own mother ever did in her whole life"
"but why did you go?you know i ve told you how annoying she is .I never wanted you to meet her." "Meet her?? how could you ever think of that?
you think she is annoying?ohh com'on vedna you ve got god by your side and you cant even see that? you know how much i ve carved for such affection
such attention? You know what her world is now?" "you say so because you met her today.a day and a life are two different things.okay??"
"just listen to you vedna just imagine a day without your mom,can you?think if anything happens to her suddenly ohh wait she didnt called you today right?
how did your day went?was is all good for you?five seconds vedna only five seconds and you were on the other side not even looking to your caller id."
"but.." "you know vedna she knew about us and opposite to say as predicted by you she loved me the first time we met"
"what do you mean the first time we met?" "i mean when you were out or didnt got time from your bussy schdule i went to see her.She treats me just like her own kid"
"what are you saying?" "yes thats true.vedna she needs you.her whole world after your dad is you.she was so young when he left only you were for her and she wants to keep
her only love for live safe.she wants you to be even cant imagine what she does the whole day,i ve seen her vedu i was there today she didnt called or texted because 
she thinks she is not cool like other mom,she thinks you want space and its her duty to fulfill all your demands.every time we met or talked her one and only subject was you.
Yesterday you slamed the door on her she said nothing.I came late at night and saw the door was open when i went in you wont belive what i saw ..she was there at your door steps
shivering,crying silently i went for her and she was high on fever .she was un-concious till 8 in the morning."
"hey but i left at 7 :30 am i didnt.." her voice cracked"you never bother to say hi to your mom. what an irony I cursed my mom for being so unfair to me and you did the same for having worlds best mom ever"
"Oh god nishant what have i... " "shuuuuuhhh stop crying baby...its ok .I called you just to make you know how wonderful mother you have.The growing distance between you too was unbareable for me.As all my
life ive seen distance..first my father then my sister and now my mother,I am close to both of you vedna and i know you both cant stay away from each other.Its just you took her for granted and never realised your
boon." "TH..THANKYOU......" vedna sobbed "i am sorry for what i did last night and i m sorry for all the night and day when i should have had cherished her in my life ...i m sorry mom...i .."
"Hey Hey dia hold on bae why am i here ? 'madam' Nishant Shree is here at your service and if you really want to appologise i m up here with great idea" vedna smiled at other end ."ok then done "

25th December 2016
Sunday,5 pm
"what is it?ohh you ve brought someone?who is he?"
"she knows mom dont worry."
"What?? I ...but how?" "i told her"
"Why did you..I am sorry vedu i met him before you did and when i came to know he is the one i had no objection and i ddnt want you to feel.."
"relax mom its fine for me .infact its super cool"
"ok now take this wear it and come back soon we are going somewhere special" vedna gave her a bag 
"but i dont want to go...i know you want strawberry cake today along with a long list of starter maincourse and what not i have to make it ready i know you like christmas very much.."
"MoM..." both of them shouted
she went in and took out a beautiful blue coloured maysore silk saree from the bag it reminded her of the day she loved those dresses but in order to look modern in front of her daughters friend
she abandoned them..her eyes filled when she saw an old picture of her with vednas father wearing the same kind of saree on it was written 'I AM SORRY...I WANT MY BEAUTIFUL MOM BACK'
at the dinner table vedna made sure every thing was according to her mom's favourities like lavender flowers ,big green christmas tree with yellow flowery lightings,white and mud yellow silk table cloth,
cream colored plates with silver linings... big baloons of smile and yellow rose on vase at the table nothing was left..even the food menu was according to her taste..her mother was shocked to see
how she managed to do that in such short time.In a minute the restraunt was full with people."you did this all by yourself?"
"me and nishant did" "but ...." vedna cut her mom and rose a toast "hey every one MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you here today is a very special day for every one but a slight special one for me
special as today is the day when i am trying to cherish and thank god for giving me one of the purest gift of all times.And i m really very sorry i was unable to look into this brightness which only 
with this her mom burst into tears and hugged her tight "I M PROUD OF YOU TOO " "Dont ever change for me mom i love you as you are."
"ooo beautiful ladies this is the best christmas night isnt it?"



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