In The Grass

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This is a sestina about one of my own experiences. This poem is open to interpretation! I like to think its meaningful. :) I was just experimenting with different types of poems and man this one was hard to write! sestinas are difficult! :P but yeah, please read and comment on what you thought about it, did you like the style, what did this poem say to you, stuff like that! i would really love the feedback!

Submitted: December 30, 2007

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Submitted: December 30, 2007



From the hammock, gazing at the stars above,

Swinging in time to the cricket’s music.

Feel the warmth of your arms next to me

Protecting me from the night’s sharp bite.

A light breeze ruffles the lush grass.

Close your eyes my love, I’m here.


Let us sway like the dancing grass,

Let us soar into the heavens above,

Just you and me my love, together, here.

None can hear our beautiful music.

Try as you may, none can suppress me!

If the dogs come, let them bite.


I wonder, what will become of me.

Shake my head. Focus on right now, right here.

Run my hands through the dew covered grass

Touch the leaves drifting down from above

Soak it all in, ignore the frost’s bite.

Appreciate my serenade, such music!


Learned are the birds in music

If only they could teach me

their secrets rather than bite

my toes as I lie in the grass.

No matter, I have all I need here.

I look up and see your glorious face above.


Come my love, sit down here.

I’ll make sure the mosquitoes don’t bite.

Listen to a different kind of music

Can you hear it? It comes from me

It comes from the ground and powers above.

Hear the beat pulsing through the grass.


Did you really protect me from the night’s sharp bite?

Did we really lie together in the grass?

Did we really gaze at the stars twinkling above?

Are you really here?

Hush my doubts, reassured by the music,

Hurry my love! Don’t lose me!


Watch the rain fall from above, feel its light music

Thrumming through me, not its typical bite.

Forever, let’s rest here, faces pressed against the grass.

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