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Tom is stolen from the orphanage and then he thinks its OK but then sees who has stolen him...

Submitted: March 16, 2014

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Submitted: March 16, 2014



Witching hour fell, and Tom was still awake.Tom peered out of his window and at the corner of his eye he noticed a thin large human.He thought he was dreaming so he rushed over to the cabnet and sprinkled abit of water on his eyes he looked again and he wasn`t dreaming the human was real.Tom realised he was a giant.The giant had to bend down to even look inside the houses.Soon later the giant reached tom`s orphanage and  tom was in a deep sleep.Before he knew it Tom was in a sealed cave that was as tall as 10 double decker buses.Tom thought he was in another dream but he wasn`t.Tom asked the giant for  a name and he said he was called the big friendly giant.later that day ,Tom and the BFG started  to bcome friends.Until Tom thought he was going to be ate then he thought again if he was going to eat me he would of done it early, so he didn`t menchan it.After that Tom was taken home and the BFG told Tom h wasn`t allowed to say a word...

Many months past and Tom hadn`t said a word but thn a few weeks after he told a friend and that night the BFG came to Tom and then vanished he looked down and noticed dust on the floor he had killed the BFG...

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