Angels Communicate

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Yesterday they reminded me that they are still with me ........

Submitted: December 07, 2012

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Submitted: December 07, 2012



Three years ago I started to look at the clock at the same times........11:11   11:01  10 : 11  night and day, you get the picture ? 

 I started noticing addresses, and at that same time it dawned on me that the exit off the express way to our home is 111th ! This had to be more than coincidence ! So I Google about it and there it was !

Angels communicate to people assorted messages according to the numbers.  In my case it was the 11's.

 It is meant to tell me that I am on the right track to changes in my life path and that I was heading in the right direction.  It was true ! In that year I was going through a lot of things and when I would see  the numbers I'd say   " thank you Angels" .


I am not a religious person but I do believe that considering what I've made it through, I have had Jesus there carrying me. I've had three near death experiences not to mention  the dangers of my past life style.  

So, I've also embraced the angels that  have introduced themselves to me.

Yesterday, I got a reminder of my blessings . My significant other, whom I have spent 27 years with and will refer to here as my s/ o couldn't find his bill fold yesterday morning as he was rushing out the door to work.  He was frustrated and I was picking up on his frustration which intensified the aggravation ! And to top it off I spent 45 minutes more in frustration on hold with Walmart because that was the last place he remembered having his wallet out.   They didn't have it. 

A couple hours after, we were on  the phone and resigning ourselves that he'd have to cancel credit cards and renew his drivers license. We talked about holding on to faith that things would work out because he's also fighting frustrations in trying to get a better job that will pay him his worth. 

I looked at the t.v. as we talked and the time was 11:11 . I said " thank you angels"   and  suddenly as if on auto pilot I got up and went to his jacket he'd worn the previous day and reached in to the pocket where I found his wallet ! We had looked there, both of us and I promise you, it wasn't there ! 

The rest of the day was spent being thankful and filled with positive faith !


Thank you Angels ! 


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