Beginnings of Run Away

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I have skipped way ahead in my writings of my life experiences ,and I think I'll back peddle a bit. Back at least as far as how I ended up a run away to begin with. This will go just far enough back to the park and what convinced me to run away.Before the pimps and kidnapping.

Submitted: December 08, 2012

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Submitted: December 08, 2012



There was a park, more a town square called appropriately, Green Square Park.  This had become off limits for me after my dad caught me surrounded by grown black men pouring wine down my  throat.   My gawd, if he hadn't caught me that day I can imagine I'd have probably never returned home, and sadly, I can also imagine my fate would  have started much sooner.  

It became off limits but what does that really mean to a young adolescent girl who'd already known sexual contact introduced by her father as well as had had an abortion resulting from that. ? One had been molested by others and grown promiscuous ? Keep  reading and you'll have the answer. 

It was a week end like any other. I took the bus to the square as I'd been doing. It was summer time and my mom was happiest when  I wasn't bugging her.


 I met a very handsome black man . He was on parole from prison. He had  the softest lips. I remember his name ! I don't  remember how we met even. Those days people were kind of free, ya know ? Still some hang ups  among the older folks but not people who sought out friendship in Green Square Park. 

He lived with a white couple. Evidently he'd done time with the man in that two some.   I fell for his soft lips, and sweet line of promises.   He'd convinced me to sneak away from home. For good.   He said he'd take care me and we'd live such a free style life and..............* sighs*   I was just a young teen and I loved the idea of being loved by  such a man, an attractive man whose touch didn't leave me  feeling icky like my dads. This didn't take many days of convincing and when I showed up with a small bag of clothes, I'm not sure he'd informed the couple that I was coming like that. 

After all I was underage and now a run away and it wasn't a responsibility they were happy with. Especially since that first night I was there my man was hauled off on a parole violation !    Still, I was allowed to stay.  

I met others around the neighborhood and in that circle.   One night, the man came to where I slept in their apartment.  We began having sex and not long after his girlfriend found out.  It was a terrifying scene that day.   She slit her wrists and there was so much blood, such drunken confusion and all I remember is she was taken away.  I continued to stay with him.  Until I found another place to crash in an apartment that was used mostly as a party / crash pad. Lots of smoking marijuana, beer keggers and the likes. I madde myself useful through  promiscuity and cleaning. 

There was a boy who really liked me, but I liked his friend.  Sounds so juvinile to me now, and it is.  

Long story shortened I moved in with the boy and his mother & brother and saw a need to contribute as well as a way to be closer to his friend I liked so well.  Turns out his sister needed a baby sitter.........and I was it. 

The  rest as usual is ticking away in my mind, but for the time line. 

I just thought that I should at least tell you how I started out as a Teen Run Away. 


This is continued .......






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