Femoral Pop-lateral Leg Bypass

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This is my own experience before and now a month after this surgery.

Submitted: October 24, 2012

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Submitted: October 24, 2012



In case you aren't familiar with this procedure, let me  enlighten you.  From the beginning.  

It started with an area on my foot that became pinkish red and hurt to touch it.  At about the same time I noticed the calf of my leg felt as if it were bruised or if I'd been exercising and Lord knows not me ! The more I walked the tighter it got and the hurt of it was on a level of 7 on the  " pain "  scale.  

Long story short, I saw a podiatrist who referred me to a vascular surgeon  because he saw the foot discoloration as a circulation issue.  After many tests it was concluded that I had blockage to my foot, which also caused numbness and ice cold foot. 


It was a long time coming.....this invasive major surgery.   For some reason something else always came first.  Okay, I myself  am some what responsible for this. 

 My surgeon was ready to admit me to get it done but he would then be leaving for a month to visit his home and family in India.  I wanted him to be the one who'd see after me after surgery.  

My s / o then had 23 teeth removed to make way for his dentures, and in the meantime our beloved dog of 8 years took sick. So, I canceled the scheduled surgery.  Our dogs health slipped  fast, just two weeks after he started to show his illness we had him put to rest.   I shall write about our Tiger at another time. 


The week after, I  called and told them I was ready. I just wanted away from here and the empty feeling and grief. So, off I went, less than a week after ....I left my s / o to deal with his own grief and loneliness as well as what ever fears he had  regarding my surgery. 

When I came home after four 1 / 2 days in hospital I had a new appreciation and knowledge of  pain.  You see, I also have fibromyalgia as well as arthritis so  I'd been using the word pain as if it belonged to only me ! Now I have a new perspective and find myself stopping in mid sentence when about  to use that word. 


I was cut at the groin area where the femoral artery flows to the leg, and cut at the inside of my knee 17 staples just there alone,and seven at the groin.  The first two weeks home were pure hell for me. I obsessed and worried. I got an infection at the groin area and when I went to my surgeons office to show him he removed a few of the staples and OUCHIEEEE !   I screamed bloody murder and when he was done, went to the waiting area and people were looking at me  as if to say  " What did he do that hurt so much "

* laughs* I  explained to them to ease their fears that I am a big baby and he's a great doctor.   But I'll tell you here, his bedside manner sucks !  As I was crying  and whining  he had nerve to say to me   " No pain, no gain. Ever heard of that "?

So now, it's a month & week later. All my staples are gone and I'm  getting around a little faster than the fastest turtle  !   Three weeks ago, and two weeks after my return home we went to the Humane Society and adopted a new puppy !   He's a lot of work, but a special pup as he's a lot like our beloved Tiger more than just looking like him with same coloring including his green eyes.

He's brought with him great exercise  for me  and great healing for myself  life mate ! Such joy after two long grueling months. 

I don't regret the surgery because even if I'm never to walk " normal " again, I still have my leg.  As for the other leg  which has blockage as well......I'm not in any rush to go through this again. 

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