First memory

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This is how my life started & seems the tone of my life would be set. My writing is fact, and matter of fact.

Submitted: June 26, 2012

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Submitted: June 26, 2012



1965 .........I was five years old living with my parents and two brothers & a sister who had a different father.

My mothers mother & grandmother came for a visit from Iowa where my parents were from and where I was born. They slept in the room I shared with my sister . She is 12 years older than me and I adored her to the point of annoying her, I'm sure. * smiles*

We made the move from Iowa to Las Vegas because my dad was offered a position with Hamm's Beer. Remember Hamm's ?

I was small enough that my mom made a bed in the tub of their master bathroom. I remember how comfortable it was. Ahhh to be that little and innocent again. Little did I know as I snuggled in the tub and dreamed of days ahead with my grandmother & great grandmother ............that a long road of confusion, and loss of innocence that eventually turned to sense of betrayal so many years later when I learned all little girls did not do " that " with their dads.

I woke up feeling strange. Why was daddy touching me ........there ? Why were we naked ? Why was the bed shaking like it was ?

Oh ! my daddy said we now have a secret that all little girls & daddies have !

I remember mostly not so much the acts of incest but the times / instances and the smell of him.

Smells of the boy next door too. He used to take me to a big dog house ??? in the back of his house and touched me too. Very soon after we moved back to Iowa. To the same town my grand parents & great grand parents lived.

They are my fondest of childhood memories. Even though at that time I didn't realize my daddies secret with me was what it was, I knew deep down it wasn't right. My great grandmother & grandparents were my safe places.

to be continued...................

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