Hard life hard landing

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I felt like writing today and did so on the other site I've been a member of for almost six years. I think it's appropriate to share here as well.

Submitted: March 09, 2013

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Submitted: March 09, 2013



Sex for me started at the age of five when my dad introduced me to his penis. Fast forward to the age of twelve, a week before my 13 th birthday......when I was taken to New Mexico to abort who would have been his son and grandson. 

I found out that year that he lied to me .....that all little girls did not do that with their fathers.   And still after the abortion he wouldn't stop.  In a sense my dad became my first trick because when he wanted " something"  I charged him. 

14 years old, I ran away, got caught up in so much that by the age of 17  I'd been pimped,beaten, strung out on heroin,  kidnapped, sold, raped,stripper, and so many other instances I'll never be able to keep one from muddling into the others. 

My point is not that which I've gone through .....that which I don't trip on as much as I used to. 

Until......forward to now .  The hard landing. 

My life now is one of stability .   No more moving or squatting .

Because I started on the streets so young, the drugs, the countless beatings and times I should have been dead from particular beatings or drug over doses ...........I didn't   feed my body the nourishment a still developing body needs.   No doctors, no dentists, no proper rest. 


Hard landing = chronic physical ailments. 

Hard landing = so much remembered, so much time lost .



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