Thoughts on life .

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Mainly my thoughts today are concerning others and remembering my blessings.

Submitted: July 10, 2012

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Submitted: July 10, 2012



 I have a friend that I met on the internet site I've frequented for the past five years. 

His name is Mike. Mike and I became friends  because we shared such empathy and sympathy for each others childhoods. We had both written pretty painful experiences, his was about his horrid mother, mine was about my incestuous father and the men that followed after I left home as a 14 year old  run away. 

 Mike is a big, strapping Texan  and a very kind man with such a great sense of humor.  He loves being naked and doesn't mind being seen.  He loves his adoring wife and lets you know, while he may flirt and such he'd never disrespect her.  And he's respectful to me from the start knowing I share the same sort of relationship with my significant other 

So great that even before and after his two most recent surgery's to remove cancer from his lungs and then his throat he laughed. He thanked God and because of that and prayers that were gathered for him on this site and his sense of humor he seemed to heal miraculously  !



 Just as quick, another tumor popped up under his arm. The cancer has metastasized further . 

 I can't begin to imagine the dread he must feel.   I'd be angry  or would I ?


That's what faith is I suppose.   Being able to keep  that sense of humor and praying that  the doctors are wrong again.   Wrong when they said six months to a year before I go to where  ever angels of earth go to retire. 

Because of this life time of pain and suffering, to much mixed in with the pleasant times and love that surrounds maybe there is actual rest.  In Peace.



This picture is a perfect representation of my dear  Mike ,  this angel is  much younger than he is right now but  he is naked ! So Mike will be a naked old man who lives by  the grace of God longer than any doctor could predict and naked ! Still that friend of mine who is an angel on earth or a very striking naked angel resting in heaven



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