Thugs, murderers gang wars.

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Pay no attention to the ranter, but do pay attention !

Submitted: July 01, 2012

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Submitted: July 01, 2012



 I live in a city that I'm sure you've heard about on the news, wheather CNN or Fox. 


It's called Chicago.   I've lived here steady for 18 years now, and first came here 26 years ago.  I come from  what was back then, a pretty tame state. Iowa.  We had our  share of crime, but not of the type like states with BIG city's had.   Especially nothing like Chicago.  When I left Iowa for good, the city I was from had started seeing growth to  the city itself as well as the population. And unfortunately  gang members such as the Gangster Disciples ( G.D."s ) one of the throw off's left over from the Black Panthers, as well as Latin Kings began moving about. 

The town I lived in had it's own versions of " gang" life.  These were home grown boy's who mostly grew up together and got into mischief together .  They fought over girls, sports, and once they'd graduated to selling drugs they worked together. No turf wars, no gunning each other down or putting innocent lives, children or elderly between  them like the cowards do here in Chicago. 


Yes these thugs, mean mugging and gunning down each other over what doesn't' belong to them in  the slightest  .......pulling up on  young men and asking them what gang  they represent and gunning them down if they don't represent a damn thing but trying to live life right  and to just live period. 


Last week end it was a young girl spending time selling candy and icy's with her mother. How dare she run when the guns started  shooting very near her !   Bullet in the back !! 

Our Mayor asked of these thugly cowards during a news conference about freeing up police from hours of booking time that goes along with an arrest for marijuana possessions  by just writing the offenders a ticket. .........."  Where were you raised "  " Who raised you " ? 

 Her name was Heaven.   I pray that  her murder has set off a cycle that will get results from the community's and police that put  the week end murder rate by gang violence off the  map and Chicago out of the news. 





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