What A Week !

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This is one week I'm glad to be over and done with ! This is a sort of venting and just a need to write.

Submitted: June 29, 2012

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Submitted: June 29, 2012



 Let me go at the venting first.

 I  was a member of a site I mention in my bio .  I found the site through google five years ago when I'd just started tinkering with my s / o's computer . The only experience I'd  had with a computer was at a job I had as assistent to catering manager.   So, google actually was my teacher ! I learned by doing. 


One day, five years ago I googled   " I Hate My MIL " .  For those of you who don't know......thats mother in law.   I did, and I  do still but always with love !  

That took me to E.P.  and in these years there I made a lot of friends.  But, I've come to realize all friends aren't the friend to me that I was to them   I'm the type who cares so much, and deeply when I  see a friend in need. Unfortunatly most of those " friends "  wouldn't, couldn't recipicate when I was in need.  Maybe they never noticed, or maybe they didn't know how to approach me, so I'm as much to blame for all the hard feelings as they are.   I expected to much.  

Maybe.  I mean what does it take to say   " I see you are not in a good place, can I help "? I did it for five years, every day. Even when I wasn't in a good place myself.  * shrugs* 

 I'm still waiting  for staff of E.P. to remove my profile as I requested. 

 I have many illnesses for which I am on disability .  

 I have a seizure disorder. Petit mal.  I got hit in  the head more than Ali I believe, and from 14 on to 22 .   At that range of ages there's a lot of growing and developing. 

I have COPD., and fibromyalgia.  Hepetitis C, because of drug use and sharing needles.   Am I scaring you away yet ? 

 I have arthritis also from misuse of my young body. Broken bones from beatings....* sighs*  

I think  that's about all for now.   I'll be having a bypass on my left leg in August and then the right one some time after.

I'm tired now.....

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