Little White Spot

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One last time.

Submitted: December 29, 2008

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Submitted: December 29, 2008



A little ray of light was shinning on the silver blade of the knife in his now sweaty hand. This was not his first time, but this time it was different, there was a feeling deep within him that was never there before. The light on the blade made a little white spot on the steel, for a moment all his attention was on the little white spot, he though of it to be his guardian that look over him. That white spot was his father telling him its okay to go ahead, it was the smile of his mother and it was deathning scream of his brother. That little white spot was his whole life and he smile as he though he has the power now, cause he was holding the blade with the little white spot on its steel.

Now determent to continue he looked up, before him lay a green lawn with a white white house. It’s was to white abnormal white, in need of some color he smiled to himself. It was just past midnight, he have to wait a few more hours he could not do it now. It was suspected now, all bad things happen at night, but not this time this time the sun will greet his in his final task and smile upon him just like this little white spot on his bade.

This was the last one; he did three before this. This was the last one, after this it will be done. After this that night will be gone, that night will be over, after this it will be all done. Again a smile formed around his swallow cheeks.

The last one was fun, the one before this that is, he used a knife like always. The knife was longer though, and a little yellowish, it would have never give the same with spot as this one did. He so much enjoyed cutting into the flesh of the guy, he most enjoyed when he finally slitted his throat and the blood had covered his hand completely, it made his heart feel as warm as his hands in the pool of blood.

His second kill was the one he enjoyed most. Maybe because he had to wait 3 months to do that. After the first kill they kept him in that place for 3 months, but that gave him time, time to decide his actions. What must be done must be done, there are no two ways about it. He enjoyed the second kill the most because planned it for so long. It was with a knife ofcause much like this one, maybe a little wider but not as sharp. He enjoyed himself cutting into the guys’ flesh, ending him to with a slit of the throat. His blood lied all around him and coloring his blond hair a deep red. These guy eyes stayed open as his died, not like the third guys who closed his eyes long before his last breath.

The first one he don’t remember that much, it was not planned. But he is glad it happened cause was it not for that kill, the others would have never happened. He cant remember how many times he stabbed him, but he remember he slitted his throat too, but he don’t know if it was over before that or not.

He started to hear the birds woke up and start fighting over the breakfast the garden has to offer. The sun was beginning to rise. It was time for him now to enter the house, he enter through the back door that lead him directly into the sitting room and this is where he want to be. The sun began to shine through the shatters in front of the little window… it let same rays of light in.

This one was different…not just because it was the last one.. He thought as he put he knife against his throat. He need to do this one fast he thought as he slit his throat he immediately knew it was not deep enough. He looked at the knife, the little white spot was gone, it was all red now. But it was okay cause through the shutters three rays of sunlight was shining through, so it was okay he thought as he felt to the ground with his hands now in a pool of his own blood.

This is where it happen that night, cause all bad things happen at night, this is where his first kill was. This was where he heard his brother scream, his mother cry and saw his father die. This is where that three men, now dead men, came that night. They wanted money we didn’t have; they killed his father over money. He needed to protect his mother, his brother, cause she was crying and he was screaming. That’s why he kill the first guy and that’s why the other two killed his mother, his brother. That’s why he was as guilty as those three men in the death of his family were. That’s why he needed one more kill he thought as he fell to the ground, his eyes now fixed on the sealing. He needed to spend three months in some psyched ward. There he had that idiot of a therapist, he smiled, he really should have killed that guy too, but a little late too think of that now.

The rays of light now shined across his face, it was time now, he knew that. He did what was needed. That night was now wiped, all involved in that night was gone. That night was gone cause all bad things happen at night he though as the rays of sunlight sign directly into his eyes…for that he needed to close them. He heard a scream, but it wasn’t that of his brother.

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