Hallway Trigger

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

Flashback I need to get out of my system.

I am confident, sexy even, as I stride down the hall. I hadn't had a flashback, a dream, a trigger, in months.


A young man in his early 30s, wearing a light green, long-sleeved button-down shirt under a dark green sweater vest paired with tan slacks, walks towards me, smiling. He dips his head to me as we passed and I smile for a fraction of a second before I inhale.


Your cologne fills my senses, mostly my nose and mouth, choking me, electrocuting me, stabbing me.

The trigger hits me quickly; images flashing like sickening strobe lights, slamming into my mind.


Towel rack.

Hotel pool.

Your ceiling.

A slamming door.

The skin around your eye darkening.

The  rain streaking across your car window as you raced to leave me, alone, in the parking garage overhang.

My bruises in various stages, like cracked stoplights; black, purple, blue, yellow, red.


I inhale, exhale, inhale again, to proce to myself that I'm here, I'm alive, the trigger isn't real.

I brace myself against the door nearest to me, forcing the cheap wood to push splinters into my hand.


I'm here. I'm alive. The trigger isn't real.


I force myself to turn and walk back to my office, breathing.

In. Out. In. Slower, must not breathe greedily.

I'm not drowning, not anymore.

In. Out. Innnnn. Ouuuuut. In through the nose, out the the-

I slam my office door open and dive headfirst into the wastebasket. Mango tea and partially digested orange segements mix a sadistic cocktail with my stomach acid.


I heave over my trash can for what seems like hours, but what is most likely only seconds. 

The lock behind me clicks and I scramble off the floor into my desk chair as my office mate comes in, looking puzzled.

"You look pale. Are you ill?"

I shake my head, wiping obvious sweat from my face.

"Just overheated."

"Well, go get some air. It's not healthy to stay like this."

I nod and take a sip out of my water bottle.

Submitted: February 06, 2012

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Very interesting... I think if you wanted to, you could make this into a thrilling novel. One of those start at the end and crawl backward type of things. Think about it?

Tue, February 7th, 2012 4:10am


Could be a good idea! Thanks for the suggestion!!

Mon, February 6th, 2012 8:32pm

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