The Moments We Wasted...The Ones We'll Never Forget

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Let us never grow old....Let us be forever young.....

Submitted: December 02, 2009

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Submitted: December 02, 2009



Do you remember just how foolish we were?

The scolds we received for reasons we did not understand?

Our fists to the sky, chanting: "Forever Young! Young Forever!"

We wasted time

We never listened

Our teachers, parents.....Clueless

Just what to do with us?

The sun on our faces in the dusk

Youth preserved

Smiles and Tears

Laughter and Hatred

We fought

But we found each other once more

We are amazing creatures

Just look at us now....


But spirits not broken

We are forever young

And young forever

What paths we will take at the end of this long journey.....?

No one knows

But at the end I hope to see you all

And with heavy hearts.....teary eyes.....

We'll say our goodbyes

And reminisce

Longing for those moments

That we've already lived

The moments we wasted

The ones we'll never forget

Shaking hands intertwined

Cold from the setting sun

And the darkness approaching

Goodbye, my friends

Live the lives promised to you

And for God's Sake, never forget


Remain Young and Fresh-Minded

Let sweet memories carry us through the hardships we must face


In the back of our minds....

The bottom of our hearts....

Let's hope


Prayers for a second chance on our lips


Let us never grow old....

Let us remain forever young....

With hearts like that of a bull's.....

Let us move on

And now the hardest word to say must be said......

And the hardest thing to do must be done....

Let's finally say goodbye

And finally part

With the sweet memories,

Wild and Crazy,

Fresh and preserved along with our youth,

Heavy hearts and teary eyes....

The moments we wasted.....The ones we'll never forget

With prayers for a second chance.....


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