Dream Friend come true

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Everyone have so many friends in the world. Very few will be our best friend. A best friendship is also rare thing happens to everyone. That too a person like me, I got after so many years. The story will tell why the friendship is a dream for me

Submitted: January 25, 2016

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Submitted: January 25, 2016



Every girl will definitely have a best friend. It may be a girl or boy. I too had a best girl friend during college days. But I want to have best boy friend too. A person with whom I share everything. I had none.  But now I have one. I am very lonely girl. I have so many friends but I still feel lonely because I never had a friend to share my real feelings. After so many years, Pavan came into my life. He is cool, stylish and handsome guy. For him, everything is so easy. For me, Everything is very complicated. He used to solve many of my problems. Thats the place , "A FRIEND IN DEED IS A FRIEND INDEED"   we became so close. I dont know about him what he thinks about me. I was very serious about his friendship. I handle everything with care that doesnt spoil our friendship.  We got introduced in Facebook 5 years back. I tried a lot to meet him but I couldn't and very recently I met in bangalore. He used to tease me as aunty. I love him saying me aunty. But I am just one year elder to him. He loves dark Chocolates.I got 2 kgs of Lindt dark chocolates. He was rushing to eat.I was excited to meet him. I got messages from him.

Pavan: I will come to pick you at 10.30. I got stuck up with office work.

Me: No problem. I will wait yaar

Pavan: Bring the chocolates

Me: Its getting melted. Come soon.

He came rushing to see me and also for the chocolates. Actually for the chocolates. I was afraid whether he likes me or not. I was nervous. When I saw him, I don't know what to say. Hiding my thoughts. I gave the chocolates. He took 2 chocolates and had immediately. He was so desperate about the chocolates. The next word from his mouth was AUNTY. I started to smile. I was happy that I finally met the guy with whom I was sharing my happiness and sadness all these years. Its been nearly 5 years of our friendship. He was the same as I saw in his pictures but I never thought that he will totally kissable. I just want to kiss him right away. But I don't want to do it. I was afraid that He may think me wrong

We started for long drive towards krishnagiri. He was driving so fast that my heartbeat raised with the speed. My hands started to sweat. He found out that I am nervous.

Pavan: Sweetha. Why u seems to be so nervous?

Me: Nothing yaar. I just think that seeing the speed of the car,I became nervous.

Pavan: Okay. I used to drive in this road many times whenever I am alone and mostly with my friends. I used to stop nearby drive Inn. There is a coffee day and Mcdonalds. We used to have some time and return back.

Me: Okay then, shall we also have some time there?

Pavan started to drive. We spoke a lot about his business,  his friends, my friends and lots more. We kept on chatting for a long time. We had icecream and cappuccino in coffee day.

We again came to car and started to talk. In the middle, lots of teasing. He always tease my telugu.  The next thing I noticed about him was his eyes. A eyes that I was not able to see. So romantic and powerful. I understood why girls fall for him. He speaks so sweet and so comfortable. I just forget myself in his eyes. I couldn't follow anything he was saying. I just got lost in his eyes. He has never told me that I'm beautiful. I myself don't know whether I'm beautiful. I am waiting for the day, when he say me that. I'm always his best aunty friend. I am really happy about it.

Its not that I have fallen for him. But yes, i have fallen for him.Something inside me kept telling that its just an attraction. I have seen his pictures but I didn't have any reaction at that time. Now I am getting all chemical reactions in my body which tells me I am in love with him.I was afraid to him. I just want to be always special apart from his friends. I never knew whether he speak about me to his friends. I speak about him to my other friends. I just love to be his friend.

We went back to bangalore. He took me to a rooftop restaurant. I don't even remember the name. But I will never forget the place. We had chicken pizza along with that i tried a bit of whisky and the rest he had. I hated the taste. Infact he mixed Coke in that but still I couldn't have it.  Then I tried breezer. The first time I m having tat. At the same time, I wanted to look at his eyes. I tried but I couldn't. I kept looking at sky. When he eats, I see him and when he sees me, I will start looking at the sky. It was totally filmy.

While returning, I realized that I am crying because I was not able to get separated from him. A person with whom I am so happy. He was totally into my head. I was sad. I was not able to speak. He kept on telling me to speak. But i couldn't. When he dropped me, i really cried. Tears started to shed out my eyes. I couldn't show him. So I just said Bye and left.

It was just a day but many things happened. It was just ride and small lunch but there was lots of happiness. That day night, I said " I had a great time with you that i don't want leave u. Thanks a lot. And thanks a lot that you fulfilled 2 wishes of me"

Pavan: Thanks a lot for coming to meet me and Thanks a lot lots for chocolates. What are those 2 wishes?

Me: I will tell you in our next meet.

I never told him the 2 wishes. The 2 wishes were, rooftop lunch seeing the clear sky having a breezer in my hand and taking me for a long drive that too in my favorite highway from Bangalore to Krishnagiri. The best day of my life. I realized that I got my best boy friend. I wish I could tell one day that I dont love him as a friend. Something more than that.

After many days , I was surfing my Facebook profile. My friend shared one Picture. In that, it was written " IT IS LUCKY TO BE THE LOVER OF A WRITTER BECAUSE EVEN IF THE LOVER DIES, HE /SHE LIVES IN HIS/HER WRITINGS. FOREVER AND FOREVER." So I am writing this story to make my love as well as my lover  PAVAN stay alive even after we die.


With Loads of Love ,


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