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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
It is a story that describes how a girl falls in love with a guy . what is the special about it? she just falls for him just by seeing his eyes. There are lots of authors to explain how a guy feels when he falls in love with a girl. There are emerging female authors to write about girl's perception towards love. This is one such story dreaming about how it will be when I fall for a guy by seeing his eyes.

Submitted: January 26, 2016

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Submitted: January 26, 2016



Hi friends. I am Sweetha and I’m back with my another story. It is quite a long story. Hope you like it. This is a dream of my love. A love that exists beyond outer beauty. My story starts when I was doing my 1st year of my Graduation. I was late to college. My home is near to my college. I could have taken my two wheeler. But I love travelling in public transports with my friends. That day I was standing in the footboard of the bus. The bus was so rush. I couldn't even get inside. So I decided to stand in the footsteps. All my friends managed to get inside. I was still standing in the footsteps enjoy the heavy breeze that was making my hair wave like a ocean. My friends and I was making fun of things, teasing eachother, having fun and loads of fun. I was kept on laughing,  laughing and laughing throughout the travel.


All of sudden, I noticed a guy looking at me. I was not able to see him. I was able to see his eyes that was noticing me. I couldn't resist myself looking at him. I was partially present with my friend’s chat and remaining half was looking at his eyes. Every girl like to get noticed by atleast one guy. Even I was noticed by the eyes that was looking at me. I felt something that directly stroke my heart. It was the looks of his eyes that hit my heart directly. I tried a lot to see him. But I couldn't even see anything. At last, I lost the vision of his eyes also. My college bus stop came. So I was forced to get down. I was still searching for him. I saw a hand waving for me. I don't know whether it was him. But I too waved at him. The bus left but his eyes never left my heart. The whole day I kept thinking about the eyes. I was not able to listen to the lectures. I was not able to listen to what my friends were chatting. I was totally absent.


I decided to find out who is he. So I used to wait for same bus every day expecting to see him. But I never saw him. Months passed away waiting to see him. I never saw him. His eyes and the way he looked at me was unforgettable. It kept running in my mind without any pause or stop button. I always used to look for guys everywhere hoping to meet the eyes i saw in the bus. Once I was on the way to another college to participate in a competition. As usual I was noticing guys in the bus. I saw a guy in the bus. When I saw his eyes, it was like the eyes i saw in the bus. I was not sure but i started to notice him all the way to the college. The college bus stop came. I got down but I didn't see him getting down from the bus. So I thought that he doesn't belong to this college.


My mind is giving me reminder ‘hello sweetha, wake up. You have a competition. Stop dreaming. ‘ I smiled at myself and started to concentrate in how to win in the competition. I was participating in a presentation. Students from different colleges were giving their presentation. It was my turn. I became nervous. I was blinking like as if i made a theft in the college. Suddenly the auditorium door opened and a group of boys entered. Everyone was looking at them. I saw the guy who i saw just before in the bus while coming to the competition. All of them sat in the front row.  I became confident seeing him and started my presentation. I ended up well. I was satisfied that I was able to start and finish the presentation properly.


I didn't expect any prizes. I thought of finishing the presentation and leave the campus and roam around. But I plan was totally flop. I couldn't leave the campus. I couldn't stop seeing him. My heart strongly said that he is the guy whom you were searching all these days. I finished the presentation and sat behind him and kept looking at him. I went behind him wherever he went. The presentation went till evening. I was sitting behind and seeing him. They were announcing the prize. I never cared. All I cared about was him. My mind was kept on thinking, ‘who is he? Whats his name? Sweetha, you need to hurry before he leaves. At Least know his name. Waste girl.’ My mind was telling so many things that I couldn't listen anything around. I heard someone calling me. I looked around and again continued looking at him. I again heard my name. He turned back and saw me. My mind ‘oh god, he is looking at you.’ I again heard my name. They were calling my name on the stage. I don't know for what. I went to stage and they gave a certificate and cover. I couldn't understand. When I saw the certificate, ‘Oh My God, I won the first prize. What?’ Before I could understand something,  I turned towards the audience to see him. I didn't find him. I was blinking, ‘Where he has gone?’.


I called my mom and my HOD to inform them that I won the first prize. Other college students were collecting their participation certificates from the main desk. The volunteers informed me that they have arranged the college buses for the participants of others college students to go home. So I was going to the entrance to know which bus is going to my place. There he was standing to help the participants to get their respective bus. Before I ask him something,  He called out my name and said ‘congratulations Sweetha’. I said ‘Thanks..... And what is your?......I mean I want to know which bus goes to saibaba colony’. He said ‘ No.6 bus’ and i said ‘I want to know one more thing. Whats your name?’ He said ‘What?’

Me: what you heard is right. Your name?


Me: Adam? Hmmm. nice name.


He smiled at me. I wincked at him and left to the bus. He also got into the same bus. But this time he sat behind me. He didn't speak anything. I also didn't speak. They started the bus. I took my mp3 player and started to hear songs. He was sitting back. Obviously I can't turn around and see him. So I was looking at the roads. The girl who was sitting near me got up and went front with her friends. I was sitting alone and looking at the roads. I felt someone sitting near me. I didn't care at all. After some time, I turned to take my mp3 player which was laying inside my bag. I was surprised to see Adam sitting near me. My mind, ‘Are u dreaming? Adam is sitting near u. But why? For what?’ so many questions running in my mind. Of Course,  a girl thinks a lot. Suddenly he called me.


Adam: Sweetha? Hey hello.

Me: ho yes. Hi.

Adam: what are u dreaming always?

Me: Nothing. I was thinking why are u sitting near me?

Adam: You could have asked me directly. Its okay. I sat near you, ofcourse to talk to you.

Me: You want to talk to me?

Adam: What is so surprise in this?

Me: Hmmm. Nothing. Yeah tell me

Adam: I just thought of being your friend. No girl will have the guts to ask a stranger’s name. I liked your boldness. I was impressed. So I thought why not we be friends. Myself Adam doing my final year of Graduation.

Me: I am Sweetha doing my first year.


We kept talking and talking. We spoke lots of nonsense. But that nonsense was very beautiful. We exchanged the numbers. We had lots of chats, lots of talks. We were so comfortable. I was confused whether he is the guy with the eyes i saw. Finally I couldn't control myself one day. I went to my favorite temple which is far away from the city. The temple is so silent on top of the hills. I went there. I said my confusion to god and sat down there. I decided to take a decision before I get down from the temple. My heart was strong that he is the guy i m searching for. My mind is asking so many questions to me. If suppose the guy who I was searching wasn't Adam, then my love will become fake for him. I was breaking my head into parts. So I decided to do something.


Next day, I went to see Adam. I was waiting outside his college to see him. When he came out of the college, he saw me and came to me.


Adam: Why are you waiting here?

Me: I want to talk to you.

Adam: Sure but from when are u standing here?

Me: From noon.

Adam: Hey idiot. Why couldn't you call me?

Me: I was confused.

Adam: I can see that in your face. Okay come, we shall sit in the coffee shop and talk.

Me: okay.


We went to the coffee shop near his college. We sat and ordered to eat something. I said I need icecream. I used to have icecream when I m upset or confused. At that time, I was in need of icecream which helps in talking to him.


Adam: I can see that you are very tensed. Okay tell what you want to talk to me?

Me: Can you wait till the icecream come?

Adam: Are you always like this? Or only occasionally you are like this?(with lots of laugh)

Me: what?

Adam: Nothing. I said your icecream is coming.


Waiter kept the icecream near me and coffee for him.


Adam: okay now you can tell. Whats the matter Sweetha?

Me: I met a guy few months before in a bus. I just saw his eyes. I was not able to see anything else. His eyes was torturing me all these days. I used to notice every guy to find that eyes. But I couldn't. Later I saw you. Your eyes are like the guy i was searching for. But I really don't know whether its you or not. I am saying this to you because one part of my heart is falling for you. I am not able act everytime. I dont usually ask a stranger’s name. I asked you because of your eyes. Now I feel that I shouldn't be fake to you. I am really sorry. I came to say this. Sorry again. Bye.


I said this and left the place in a hurry. I was not able to wait till he says something. If he scolds me, I can't bare. After coming back to home, I was thinking that if suppose he said something that is favorable to me. I learnt not to run away from a situation. I decided to meet him tomorrow and ask what he feels. I took the phone and called him. His number was switched off. I went to his college next day, but I didn't find him. I went everyday to see him. But I couldn't find him. Almost the week got over. It was a weekend, Saturday . I was at home thinking about him. My mom was saying something. I was not able to listen to her. I said to my mom that my head is paining. So I want to sleep for sometime. She said Okay. I went to my room and laid back on my bed and thinking about oly him. After some time,  my mom was calling me. When I came out of my room, for my surprise, it was Adam sitting in my living room. My mind, ‘what is he doing here? If mom comes to know, she will not let me to college. OH MY GOD?’


Mom: Your college lab assistant came to see your computer. Did you call him?

Me: yes mom.

Mom: why didn't you tell me before?

Me: sorry mom, I was busy with my studies. So I forgot.

Mom: The computer is in upstairs. Sweetha will take you. I will send you coffee upstairs. (seeing Adam)

Adam: No thanks aunty. I will wait, have your coffee and then go upstairs to see the computer.

Mom: okay. Wait. I will bring you coffee

Adam.: Thank you Aunty.


I was staring at him. I don't know why he came all of sudden. My mom gave him coffee and having a chit chat.Meanwhile I went upstairs to ON my computer. My mom called me down to take Adam upstairs. After going to the room, he took a chair and sat in front of the computer. he opened a MS word and started to type something. I was far from him, so I couldn’t see anything. After typing ,he called me near and told to read what is written.


It was written…


Dear Sweetha,

A part of you has fallen for me but I have completely fallen for you. All of me is in love with all of you.I couldn’t and I don’t know to explain. When I saw you in the footboard of the bus, happily laughing at your friends and enjoying the breeze . I still remember the way your hair was playing with breeze. I know you were enjoying the breeze.But I couldn’t stop seeing you. Sorry for interrupting your enjoyment by seeing you. I never thought you just saw the eyes in the bus. I thought you saw me completely and that is the reason you asked my name on the college event. I also never thought that you will fall for my eyes. I just can’t handle this anymore. Can you please close your eyes and think about the eyes you saw in the bus and then turn around closing your eyes.






I closed my eyes and thought about the eyes i saw in the bus. I turned around. He caught my hands and told me to stand up. After I stood up, He told to open my eyes. I saw him tying a scarf around his face except the eyes and he said…


Adam: I don’t know to prove you that the eyes you were searching for is mine.


I kept quite for sometime. Then, I took my hands towards his face to feel his eyes. I touched and felt the eyes i was searching for all these days. I removed his scarf from his face. I came close him and he was expecting me to say something after everything he has done to prove me. I came even closer to him. I was sticking him as a glue. I can hear his heartbeat. I can see his love for me in his eyes. I couldn’t stop myself. I pushed my lips towards his lips and started kissing him. That moment, I felt that I have totally lost myself in him , in his kiss.


After the ice breaking kiss, we couldn’t speak a word. Just stood there looking at each other.

My mind was saying “ Even a girl can fall in love with the guy by just seeing his eyes. Eyes is the most powerful weapon of Love. It can break any heart through its vision.”


© Copyright 2020 sweetha. All rights reserved.

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