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I had a dream of my first kiss from a guy taller than me. My height is nearly 5.11’ feet tall. I have seen so many guys in my school and college. I couldn't find a guy taller than me. For a kiss, why you need a height? My mind kept on asking. I always believe in my dreams that one day they will come true. So this is one of my dream about my first kiss. Hi everyone. I am Sweetha and this is another romantic story. This is my dream mixed with some imagination.

Submitted: March 08, 2016

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Submitted: March 08, 2016



I finished my Graduation and I have got a job in a Indian company that is based on information technology. I work as a software developer. I am in a internship period. After 30 days of internship, my job will be confirmed based on my performance. It was my struggling period. I really worked hard to get this job permanent for me. 30 days of internship is over. Tomorrow there will be mail regarding my performance rating and my job confirmation letter. Next day morning, I was not at all feeling hungry thinking about my performance rating. Once I came to office, I opened my mail to check whether I received my performance rating. There was a mail which gave lots of minus points. But overall it rated GOOD. I was happy. But I didn't receive my confirmation letter. Many of friends, got their confirmation letter and few people were rejected. I was waiting for my confirmation mail. Suddenly a popup window opened and there was letter. I couldn't read everything. All I want to know is rejected or selected. They gave me the good news in the end of the letter saying that I am selected.


I was transferred to goa for 90 days and then I will be transferred to some other place. I went to the manager to ask why I have been transferred to Goa. He said “ you will be travelling frequently to all the branches and report to me from there. You will be acting as a coordinator as well.” But my doubt was why they chose me? My manger said “ We chose you because you mentioned that your hobby is travelling and explore different places. So we thought that you adopt to all the places.” I said nothing to him except Thank you. Of Course I love travelling alone and explore places. I am happy that company chose me to send to different places. I was happy to see new places, get new friends,etc. But what will be my parents reaction. While returning home I was reading the confirmation letter,  I was shocked to see that my travelling expenses will be taken care by the company. The company will arrange the facilities for me to stay and expenses also will be bared by the company. I was damn happy that I can convince my parents by telling the facilities they are giving me. I went home and explained everything to my parents. In the beginning, they were as usual didn't accept. Then finally they accepted. They are parents, what they know apart from fulfilling daughter's dream. I happily started to pack my clothes to go to new city. My train tickets came and I was ready to leave.


It took one whole day to reach goa from my place. I was so tired because I changed to 2 trains. There was no direct train to Goa. There was a person arranged for me to guide me to the place where I should stay. His name was Amit. I used to call him Amit Bhaya (Bhaya means brother).

Amit bhaya: Sweetha,  we reached the guesthouse.

Me: oh thank you bhaya. Now where should I go

Amit bhaya: Wait. I will help you to the room.


We went to the reception and Amit bhaya said my name Sweetha. The receptionist told me to go to room no 201. So I was thinking that I am going to stay in a room. When I opened the door, it was like a bedroom with kitchen and bathroom. It was small but perfect. I loved it. I said thank you to Amit bhaya. He gave me his contact number for any problem. The receptionist came to my room and gave me some details about joining the office. The details regarding whom should I meet and with whom I am going to work with,etc. Along with that there was a party invitation coming Sunday. First I was shocked to receive a party invitation card in my first day of Goa. I asked the receptionist regarding this party. It is a office party hosted by our MD for celebrating his son’s arrival. I didn't think much about it. So I started to focus on unpacking my things. Getting know the place where we get groceries and vegetables. I need to cook for myself. I was loving Goa. Everyone love Goa. It is place of enjoyment.  I wish to have my best friend near me. We would have enjoyed a lot in Goa.


First day of office


The morning was so pleasant. I was enjoying the sunlight and beach. Many people playing and walking, some doing yoga. It was so cool watching them. When I saw the time, ‘Oh God! I am late on my first day’. I started to hurry up. Need to be on time. I asked Amit bhaya to help get to office. He came so soon to my guest house. I got ready and Amit bhaya took me so fast to office that I reached 5 mins earlier. I said Thanks to him and went inside the office. The office was looking superb. The way it is build and the interior work. All were good. I went to the office receptionist, I gave my joining letter. She directed me to the manager’s cabin. My manager Mr. Rahul Varma, explained my work process and schedule. He also introduced me to my team members and he asked one of my team member to train me for a week. The work was the same which I learned in my place but the only difference is I have to coordinate with both the places and send reports to both the managers. Krish, who is training me for a week, started with the basic of the work. He gave me some details about my schedule. I started doing my work because I know my work already. Only few things where new to me. So I could manage doing most of my work. It was almost evening 5 pm. My work timing is 9am to 5pm. I can work after 5pm, if there is more work to complete. Since it was my first I decided to leave the office by 5.30pm. I went to meet my manager before leaving. He told me to leave and also told that the party schedulled this weekend has been postponed. They don't know the exact date. I said okay and happily left the office bidding bye to krish(team member).


That evening,  I went to beach. As I love photography, I decided to take some pics of beach and people over there. I was enjoying the sunset. It was lovely that I stood looking at it and forgot to take a photo of it. Suddenly I heard some people shouting ‘Abi'. I turned around and saw some group of people shouting that name. I searched around to know who is he. When I turned back, there was a tall guy, fit body with 6pack, good complexion. Totally he was a handsome guy. I was able to describe his body because the sunlight was falling on him. And he was enjoying the sunset too. So I took a pic of him. I thought of taking a print and give him immediately. But suddenly he disappeared. I searched him everywhere but couldn't find. I posted his pic in Facebook and added a status ‘the most handsome guy I saw today evening in sunset light’. I went to sleep. There is office tomorrow.


The photo I uploaded started having many comments asking who is the guy, so many likes for the photo. I could reply to everyone is that I don't know anything about the guy. A week passed away so fast. Still I couldn't find the guy. I wish that I could see the guy again. I want to give his photo to him.


Second meeting.


It was sunday. I was very tired and I want to sleep for the whole night. My colleagues kept calling me. I picked the call. It was Krish.


Krish: Wake up sleepy head. Its sunday.

Me: I know. I feel sleepy Krish.

Krish: Sunday everyone comes to beach. Definitely that guy you are searching for may come to beach. so hurry up. Get ready and come to the beach. We are also waiting here.


After saying this, Krish hung up the call. After hearing about the guy, my eyes woke up and my heart started to push me to get ready soon. I soon got ready and went to the beach. My colleagues were waiting there. We started to search for the guy in every directions. Every friend went in different directions with a photo of the guy and started to search. My friend Krish saw the guy in a restaurant. He immediately called me and told that he found the guy. He shared the location with me and rest of others. I hurried to the location as soon as possible. Before that Krish couldn’t wait to know about him . So he started to enquire about him. He didn’t know that place belongs to that guy’s friend. Since that friend found that Krish is equiring about that guy, he caught him and took Krish to that guy. That guy started to behave rude with Krish. When I reached the place with his photos , I saw that guy was about to hit Krish. I rushed to stop it. But I got a big slap on my face and I couldn’t withstand the force. So I fell down and my things got scatered.It was so painful that I started to cry. He saw his photo all over. Krish helped me to get up and sit down. I had some water. I was relaxing . My friends all came to the place and saw my situation. They were about to scold that guy. But I got up and told that guy about the photo. I gave all the photos and we came out of the place. I never knew that the first meeting will be a big disaster. He never got to know  why I'm having his photos . He also stood without even speaking a single word for slapping me so hard.  It was a big mistake that I and my friends when searching for him just to hand over the photos to him. The Slap was so hard that I couldn't even bare the pain. I was crying for a longer time. My friends tried to convince me. I am convinced but the pain was so heavy. It was almost like I am  going to get fever and lay down for a week.  I decided to roam around with my friends to just forget whatever happened.  My friends supported me and we decided to go for a party tonight. As decided, we went to the party and had lots of fun.  I had some alcohol . After the party we all left to our houses .


The day was so bad.  Even though I was happy meeting the guy I am searching for.  It created a very bad memory.  I couldn't even forget whatever happened today even after having alcohol.  I pray to God just to forget this day and forget that guy ,whatever happened today with me  and with my friends everything. My friends helped me out for what happened today . Later that night I opened my Facebook to update the status that guy is the devil. After updating I went to sleep. I have office tomorrow. My friends have planned for something like a small trip next week. Hoping that this week will be good and waiting for the trip next weekend.


Best kiss ever happened


The week was almost so busy that I couldn't even have time for myself. But still I tried my level best to enjoy my time with Amit bhaya . I was enjoying the roadside food which is very tasty, spicy and delicious. It is Friday evening 6 o'clock.  Me and my friends decided to go for shopping for weekend party.  When my friend said it's a weekend party I was surprised. They told me it's a weekend trip.  But now they're telling It is a weekend party.  I couldn't even understand what is going on.  They all purchased many dresses. My friends choose me  a modern wear. We all packed our dresses for the trip. I called my mom and told that I'm going for a trip with my friends for two days leaving tonight and I'll be returning on Sunday evening.  I keep you updated. Don't worry about me. My mom was so worried about me that I'm going for a trip with friends who got introduced just before 2 weeks. I told her that they are my colleagues who for working with me in the office. After speaking with my mom I packed all my dresses and left to the place where we decided to meet. My friends have already reached the place. I was only person who was late. We all took a car and left to place where we have planned for the party. It was other end of Goa. A place where lot of parties happen.


It almost took an hour to reach the place. When I saw the place,  it was like heaven full of trees and lightnings over the trees.  There was an amazing smell in the place. I don't know whether it is a flower or anything else that gives this fragrance to the place.  I was looking astonished seeing the place so beautiful even better than heaven. The more I was excited and the more I was afraid to.  I remember my mom saying take care of yourself. You are in a place where none of them knew you or you never knew someone . For a minute, I thought it's a trap, oh my god.

We reached a resort. I kept the luggage, took my camera and left the room. I don’t care whether it is a trap or I don’t care that I die here but I can’t be without enjoying this place.  I told my friends to text me if anything necessary. I went to the garden to take photos of night and lightings. It was so beautiful. There was lots of things happening. There were a group playing karoke aloud. It was not bad. There were good singers too. I was enjoying the songs and taking photos. After sometime, I joined that group to have some fun singing.  I was having fun singing together.  Suddenly a door opened and that guy who slapped me came inside the room with his friends. I was totally shocked to see that guy again in the place where I came to have fun.  I couldn't tell him to go.  So I decided to leave the room and go somewhere else. It was around 10 p.m.  The dark sky, a beautiful half moon and the shadows of the moon was falling in the ocean. It was looking like masterpiece. I saw a couple kissing each other in the sands of the ocean and in the moonlight. It was like a moon showering blessings on them. I thought it is unfair to  just let go this beautiful moment. A beautiful moment where a couple is kissing in the moonlight. So I decided to capture the moment in my camera but I feel that I shouldn't keep this memory with me alone and  also share the moment with a couple kissing there. I took my camera capture the moment and I was waiting till the couple finish kissing .  Once they were over I went near them and I told about this photo I clicked.  At first they got angry on me for clicking their private scene but later on seeing the photo, they were very happy to see the photo which is going to be their memorable one. I gave my name and contact number and also got their name and contact number. I told them that once the photo is ready I myself will call them and give the photo to them.  After our conversation got over, they gave me a hug and told thank you.  I promised them that I will not share this photo with anyone else. They happily caught eachothers hands and started to walk in the beach. After they left the beach, I sat in the same place feeling about my case if it happens like this.


Suddenly there was a guy calling my name.  I thought it some of my friend but it was the guy who slapped me. He just spoiled my complete mood.  I got up and I tried to move towards the garden where people are there. He kept calling my name. I kept on moving but all of a sudden I stopped and thought for a second how did he know my name.  I turned back and went towards him  and asked him


Me:  how do you know my name?

Guy: I took the photo  which you were having in your hand that day  and your name was there behind the photo.

Me: Happy that you got the photo. Now what do you want?

Guy: Hey please chill down,  hear what I'm saying.  For just 5 minutes, let us talk. I want to say many things to you. I want to ask me things to you. There are so many questions left out after seeing that picture. I was searching for you all over Goa. Couldn’t find you anywhere. There was no clue in the photo except your name. So please let us talk for 5 minutes?


I got convinced and we decided to sit on the beach and talk for 5 minutes to sort out what ever happened before.  He introduced himself and his name was “ Abinav” .


Abi:  Hi Sweetha.  I'm sorry about whatever happened that day.  before I can understand but I slapped you so hard you left the place  crying.  Your eyes was full of tears which I couldn't even see.  But you left over the photo for me. I'm really sorry about the day. It was a mistake that I slapped you.  Does it pain still?


Me: No.  I'm fine.  My friends tried a lot to change  my mood that day.  I really regret meeting you  that day.  I will never forget the day when I  got a slap  for the first time from my childhood. Thanks to you anyways.  My dream has come true.  First time in my life getting a slap was one of my dreams I had.  I guess here on I can face anybody's  slap.


Abi: All the very best for that. ( giggling)


Me:  so funny ( staring at him)


Abi:  I'm sorry again. I again feel like laughing.


Me:  I also feel like laughing


I don't know anything about him and even he doesn't know anything about me.  But  that was a moment where we fell into our eyes.  I was looking at him into  his eyes and even he was looking at  my eyes. We  were looking at each other for a long time. That moment we fell for each other and suddenly the both came close to each other and our lips met. We  don't know what we're feeling right now.  But we were  out of the world.  I don't know what is happening around us.  We kept kissing each other for a long time.  I exactly don't remember how much time I left my lips on  his lips.  But I felt this is the real heaven compared to the place. I don't want to part my lips from his.  But when we came to our conscious that we are kissing unknowingly, we parted our lips suddenly and look in different directions.

I got up and started to walk towards people. But He was sitting there. I don’t want to speak about whatever happened few minutes back. The kiss stood unforgettable for me. I went to my room and excited about the future happenings. The first kiss that happened all of sudden. There was no reason behind. We haven’t declare that are we in love? It just happened all of a sudden. I guess the moon wants us to kiss that moment. I don’t know whether there is something called “MAGIC KISS”. If it really had happened to anyone, please share your views about it. I will post the future happenings as a new story later.

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