High School Musical: 3 the Disney Phenomenon Continues

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This is a movie review I wrote in one of my journalism classes. I'm very proud of it, so I hope everyone enjoy's reading it.

Submitted: January 30, 2009

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Submitted: January 30, 2009



High School Musical: 3 the Disney Phenomenon Continues
The theater darkens, and suddenly high-pitched squeals of little girls at AMC Loews Waterfront 22 fill the atmosphere. The over-anticipated Disney’s High School Musical: 3 opened at box offices Friday, Oct 24. It seemed like Disney just released the first installment of the High School Musical phenomenon, which started in 2006.
The movie takes place when the teeny-boppers are in their senior year at East High School. After, the original HSM where the basketball-stud Troy (Zac Efron) fell in love with exchange student Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens), and HSM2 where the students got summer jobs and mapped out their futures, the characters deal with adolescent issues like prom, graduation and going away to college. Oh, and yes of course, planning their last school musical. And every HSM fan who followed the series wants to know: will Troy and Gabriella stay together or go their separate ways off to college? Will Troy decide to pursue his life-long dream and play basketball, or will he decide to pursue his hidden talent of singing and dancing and attend an arts academy. The suspense truly intrigues the audience throughout the movie.
There is also some conflict as Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale) strives to take Gabriella’s lead role in the school play. Sharpay is the Paris Hilton look-alike in the movie, and even has a cute little dog to match. Chad (Corbin Bleu) also stars in the movie, and plays Troy’s best friend. He encourages Troy to attend the same school as he, so they can play on the same basketball team.
New songs and dance moves are introduced as well. The uniquely-styled choreography is by director Kenny Ortega with the help of Charles Klapow and Bonnie Story. There’s the catchy tune “Walk Away” performed by Gabriella as she decides what to do with her life after high school. Then there’s “I Want it All” that is sung by the entire cast. The dance moves are full of aerobics that will make you want to get up and just dance along in the aisles.
The acting is a whole different story! Although children may not care that this movie is quite poorly performed acting-wise, parents might want to take a nap in the theater. None of the actors and actresses deserves Oscars, but in all respect that’s what makes the phenomena of High School Musical. For instance, Troy and Gabriella share many intimate scenes that come off rather cheesy, then romantic. However, children and teens can relate to the characters and the movie
The movie is G-rated, so if parents are planning to see this movie with their children get prepared for some over the top cheesy moments. But, after all this is a Disney production, that which is known for. HSM3 definitely matches up to the previous two movies. It’s probably even better then the first two because it was on the big-screen, whereas the other two were released on the Disney Channel. The movie targets children under 9, however if you’re the type that likes to use your imagination and escape real life for 100 minutes, then this movie is for you. Also, it’s a great way to take a break from babysitting and just relax as the children are glued to the movie.
I do recommend that movie goers should watch the previous two movies before seeing the third. It gives you a better sense of attachment to the characters. And you might even shed a couple tears in the end, due to the sad goodbyes. However, Disney is already in the works making a High School Musical 4. Yet, nobody from the original cast is signed on to continue the series. Disney really likes to milk every last dollar from a successful production.
Nearly almost 21-years old and a huge fan of High School Musical it’s a movie you could see a second and maybe even third time. Its one of those child-like obsessions that will probably never leave me. I encourage anyone to see this movie, that is if they don’t mind poor acting, cheesy lines and over the top dance moves.

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