the encounter

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
have you ever met someone by chance after a series of life altering events that could be the love of your life? in this story jimmy john and rebecca go through a few big changes and one that may change their lives forever.

Submitted: June 09, 2017

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Submitted: June 09, 2017



Just passed twenty she was out on her own searching for her own identity.  Away from home all alone. She looked in the mirror to see A beautiful reflection, could it be? What do people see? She was a beauty, small and slender with eyes of powder blue. Her long dark hair hung about as it gently brushed the floor. Her lips were small, soft and as pink as the day she was born. Every young man’s dream.  


Rebecca sue was her given name by the parents she barely knew. At the age of two she was from them removed for a reason she never knew.  As life began she was passed around from place to place and home to home and finally settle in her Grandparents home where she stayed until she was grown. Now at twenty her first time alone she wondered if she could make it on her own. Raised as a worker she had that on her side but was she ready for life’s big ride?

Across the bay on the other side stood a silhouette against the moonlit sky. He was there for a minute and then he was not. As he appeared so had he vanished into the night.

Jimmy John a young man around Rebecca’s age lost and alone. He stood 6ft 4in. His hair is as black as the night, his eyes are a piercing blue. He graduated high school just last year. His parents always told him, “You have a sister who looks like you.” Just after graduation they were in a fatal wreck.

Jimmy moved to a new town a long way from where he had lived just to start out new. He often thought about the sister he never knew. He had worked many jobs since leaving school and had yet to find something he longed to do. As the months began to pass he began to settle in and thought about going back to school.


One misty summer night as he strode down the bay like so many times before, he saw here standing there upon the other shore. Her long dark hair blowing in the wind. Who is she, was his only thought as he turned and headed for the opposite shore.








Rebecca slowly turned and walked across the lawn with the moonlight now casting a shadow before her, she stopped and turned again but no one was there. There was nothing just the water and the waves gently rolling in. Now outside her tiny room she wonders, should she go in. She stands with her hand upon the silver knob and looks again across the bay. The mist has passed, the sky is clear and the moon is bright on this warm summer night. Slowly she opens the door and walks into her small city apartment.

She looks around and she sees all she has is a one room efficiency.  A small couch in the living room and a simple chair by the window there, her favorite color passionate purple in a floral display and across the room a simple small bed and dresser stay. The room seems empty nothing hanging on the wall, no mirrors, no pictures, nothing to make her house a home. She Saunders over and sits down on the corner of the bed puts her face in her hands, her elbows on her knees and the tears begin to fall. She opens the small brown stand beside the bed and in front of the wall and lifts a photo that is hidden away.


Twenty minutes down across the bay Jimmy John kneels to pray as he recalls the events of his day. Momma had always told him when your burden seems heavy remember to pray. He was so lonely and it had been a hard, hard day. He prayed for guidance along the way. When he was done, he stood and looked around. He looked at all he could see, a couch, a chair, and a love seat all were dark and ashy grey. In the dining room is where the cherry wood table and chairs did stay and on the wall between the rooms, like a divider between the two, a large oval picture of his parents hung. Down the hall and to the right was the kitchen where the stove and refrigerator, both black stood along the wall on the left-hand side. On the right was the bedroom where his bed and dresser stood. The walls were dark and the curtains too, sort of like a dungeon not a room. Slowly with hands in his pockets he strolls back to the living room. He sits on the couch and crosses his legs and puts his chin in his elbow and his elbow on his knee. He then rises and strolls to the window across the room. He parts the curtains and looks out across the bay. The mist has risen, skies have cleared, the moon is bright and cast its orange reflection across the waters in the bay. The winds have ceased and the waters are still except for the gentle waves just rolling in. He wondered if anything was real or if it all had been a dream.


Slowly she put the picture away as the tears fell and her heart sank. It had only been 1 year since they had parted this life destined for Heaven above. She had never felt as alone as she did tonight. She wondered if there was anybody who she could relate too. The anger she felt because he had taken away the only people who had ever loved her and the shame for being angry. What would tomorrow bring?


Rebecca slowly walked across the room and stood before the window and again looked across the bay, for a short time she stood before the window gazing at the moon with a heart so heavy she could barely breathe. She lifted her feet one by one as if they were weighed down, finally she reached the bathroom and dressed for the night. Then she stumbled across to the kitchen for a drink. She stood for a minute and gazed at the clock on the wall, the hands on the clock read 10:00 but time just seemed to drag.  She finally crawled beneath the blankets and fell asleep.


Jimmy John sat holding the Bible, his symbol of strength, for what seemed like an hour he read and prayed for guidance and help to find his place. Tomorrow is Sunday he thought maybe I will find a church. So, he laid the Bible back in its place on the stand beside the bed. In a minute, he was fast asleep. At 7 am the sun shone brightly across his bed, he sat up and rubbed his eyes slowly he moved to the side of the bed put his arms in the air, took a deep breath and stretched for the air. He moved slowly across the room and chose a pair of jeans and a striped shirt to wear to church. Suddenly there was a loud commotion in the street as a siren went flashing down the street. Quickly he dressed and ran to the door. As he opened the door he saw the ambulance traveling fast down the street headed for the bay down the way.


Rebecca in her sweat lay as she felt the heaviness in her chest as if an elephant was there, her arm was tingling and felt almost numb. It was hard for her to breath. She pulled herself to the living room chair reached for the phone but the ambulance was already there. She reached for the door and fell to the floor. She knew she must open the door, slowly she rose to her knees on the floor then stretched to reach the knob to open the door. When they entered in she was unconscious on the floor.  They listened to her heart and the rhythm was slow. They listened to her lungs, they were pushing little air. They put her on a gurney hooked her up to some machines raced her down the street to the emergency room.

Jimmy John began to think as he walked down the street just what he was feeling as the church came in sight. He was on call at the hospital for the weekend and as he entered the door his cell phone rang, he was needed pronto there was an emergency. He turned on a dime and speed walked to the car. Started the engine and it roared to life. He was on his way. He could not understand why he had the feeling he had.


He was thinking of the image he had seen across the bay standing in the moonlight just last night. There was an intense fear deep within such as when the word about his parents came in. Why would he be feeling this way. He was not sure but he knew he had to get there fast. He looked at the speedometer, the needle was just passed 90 as telephone poles just flashed by.


When Rebecca came to she was afraid for there were wires and tubes everywhere connected to her and this awful beeping that filled the room. There were tubes in her nose and pinned to her arms, pressure on her leg and everywhere there seemed to be many different machines. She wanted to scream but she was to weak. There was someone who stood close by her bed. The nurse gently took her free hand, turned to her and said, “Good morning Missy don’t be afraid just try and relax help is on the way. My name is Sandy I am a nurse, I will be with until the Dr. comes in. She laid back the fear building within accompanied by the pain in her chest and the ache in her head, she could not move her head.


Jimmy John finally arrived at the hospital doors but the nurse stopped him outside the emergency doors. She explained to him what lied beyond the doors. Then she gave him the papers with the patient’s name and it struck him for their names were the same, and when he read down to her parent’s name, the shock was evident all over his face for her parent’s name and his were the same. Just as he put the papers down the Dr. rounded the corner took the chart and entered the room.


“Good morning young lady,” He said eyeing the chart, looks like we will be keeping you for a while. “Looks as if you have had a heart attack. Is there a family history of heart problems?” She had no idea except that her grandpa had passed from heart trouble. Confused and alarmed she turned her head. “We will be running more tests over the next few days to pin point the cause.” He looked at the EKG and then walked into the hall way. He studied Jimmy John and the Nurse then motioned for them to follow.


Rebecca lay in the room alone swallowed by the noise of the machines in the room. She thought about who she had known as her Mom and Dad and wondered about all that had just been said. There were questions she could not answer about the family she only knew she had. Ten minutes later Jimmy John entered the room with a stethoscope, a thermometer and a few other things needed to record her vitals. The name on his name pin said Jimmy John Williams student and Drs. assistant,Jimmy John took a deep breath and gave a sigh, he was excited but solemn on the side. Could this be his sister of which no one would speak? Was it a dream or was this all happening? Is she who stood on the shore across the bay in the moonlight late last night?


Many things crossed her mind and her heart began to race. The lines on the machine became jagged and mean. Not sure what to do he called for the nurse, who came running. “What happened,” she asked as she sent for the Dr. He did not know, all he had done was walk into the room. “She is crashing,” the nurse yelled out and Jimmy was asked to leave the room. After an hour of action hectic and quick he was again called in.


“Mr. Williams,” the dr. said. “ Do you know who the patient is?”

“No sir, we have never met,” he said with a western accent.

“Our nurse has showed me the papers where information is the same.”

“She may be my only sibling,” Jimmy said kind of sheepishly.

“There are questions we need answered and you seem to be the man.”

“I will answer what I know.”


“We need to know about heart problems that run in the family and it seems like you are the one to put in charge as these are things you need to learn to do. You will wait until she is stable and awake and then you need to find out what you can.”  Jimmy was left in charge of her care as the nurse and Dr. left him there. His hours on duty soon were complete. Should he leave or should he stay. He decided to remain for a while. While he waited, he connected to the internet to see what he could find out. Three hours later she began to come around. Her vitals had finally stabilized but she was still very weak.


“Miss Williams,” he said, “My name is Jimmy John. I need to ask you some questions but I will go slowly and wait is I need to.” She began to get excited and her numbers began to rise. So, he gently took her hand and began to talk to her. His voice seemed to be soft and soothing.


Miss Williams, I am sorry I did not mean to upset you.” He said.


She began to speak very slowly and softly.  “I don’t know what happened or how I got here.” She seemed like a frightened child and very alone. So, he handled the situation with gloves.

“May I ask you where you are from?” he asked in a very tender way.

“From Bakersfield Iowa. I lived with my grandparents on a small plot of land.”

“Who were your parents?”, He said with a raised eyebrow.


“Jeanette and James Williams but I never lived with them.” She turned her head slowly away. He knew that that was enough for that day. He gave the nurse the questions he had started and slowly walked away. Walking to his car he wondered where this would all lead. As he drove home he was thinking, he must find out her Grandparents names. He needed to know their names. He needed to know how many children they had and what their names were.


Rebecca was in and out of consciousness the rest of the night. Her breathing became stronger by morning and more steady. She had many questions that needed answers. She needed to know just what had happened and who the young man was that was in her room. She knew what laid ahead and must be done, so she laid back and let her thoughts flood her head. She looked at the time and turned away.


Jimmy John came on duty at 8am cleared his throat and walked in. She was laying there not really sleeping, but not yet awake. He gently touched her and roused her awake. “I need to take your vitals and there are things we need to know.” Rebecca turned to face Jimmy.


“There is one thing I would like to know,” she said in a soft, semi frightened tone.

“Ok, I guess it can’t hurt, but why?” he said with a strong but calm voice not sure where to go from this point he just looked her way. This made him feel uneasy, but maybe by answering her questions he could also get answers for his questions.  “Go ahead.”

“You asked me who my parents were, right? I told you so who are your parents.” Jimmy fidgeted in his chair.

“My parent’s names are Jeanette and James Williams.” He said with a smooth and easy tone. “Why”

“I heard the Dr. and Nurse talking to you yesterday, and when you came in it was a shock and surprise.” “I really thought I had seen my Grandpa come through the door.”

“Was that the reason for the reaction you had?” Jimmy laid down the pad and took a long look at the patient in the bed. Before she could answer he began instead.” What were your grandparent’s names?”

“Bethany and Michael Williams.” She watched for a reaction but he kept his cool only raising an eyebrow to her response.

“How many children did they have?”

“only had one son, his name was James David.” With that He became intrigued. That was his father’s name. Are there any heart problems that run in the family that you are aware of?”

“My Grandpa died from a massive heart attack but lived with heart issues as long as I knew him.”

“Did you ever know your parents? “She became very uneasy with the question he now asked.

“no, I don’t even remember them.” “Did you know of your Grandparents?” She asked while watching for his reaction. Jimmy John was not sure how to answer as he was never told about them. He wanted to know more but thought that would be enough for now. He worked with her until his hours were done. As he left there were thoughts that crossed his mind. He wondered why she was there and why he had grandparents he would never know. Why they had been separated and not allowed to meet. This would have to wait for a better place and time. She now had to concentrate on getting well.

After he left the room Rebecca began to wonder why she had been kept away from the parents she would never get to know and why it was not mentioned that she may have had a sibling. Why her parents and Grandparent never seemed to talk. Why had she been taken away. That would have to come at a better time for her. Could he be her brother?


Day after day there were questions asked and many tests were done. Many blood tests were run.  Perhaps the result would answer questions to and perhaps it would bring some new.

© Copyright 2020 Sweetlady59. All rights reserved.

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