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XD Boy drama and I'm dying of boredness...

Submitted: June 23, 2010

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Submitted: June 23, 2010



What I don't want in a boy....

1. A cheater

2. An asshole

3. Someone dull

4. Someone who can't respect me

5. A guy that treats me like an object

6. Someone who thinks he owns me

7. Someone who thinks I'm helpless

8. Someone who thinks I can't do anything right

9. Someone helpless

10. Someone who expects me to do everything

11. A horndog

12. Someone more dramatic than me

13. A guy who thinks I'm his slave

14. A guy who can't respect my friends

15. Someone who disses my family

16. A cannable...

17. A  zombie...

18. A voilent boy

19. A meanie...

20. Someone who thinks it's acceptable to hit girls

21. Someone who slaps my FRIENDS butts

22. Someone who'd bang my friends...

23. Someone mean to my girls

24. Someone who thinks he gets put first in everything

25. Someone uber cocky

26. Someone who can't let me have a life

27. Someone obsessed stalking girls...

28. Someone obsessed with stalking boys...

29. Someone obsessed with stalking in general...

30. A mass murderer

31. A murderer in general

32. A guy not open to new ideas

33. Someone who thinks I'm beneath him

34. Someone who can't trust me

35. Someone who loves himself more than anything

36. Someone who is an drug-addict

37. Someone obsessed with one of my body parts...

38. Someone who has hygenic issues

39. Someone who sees only looks and not personality

40. Someone who can't admit when he's wrong

What I want in a guy

1. Someone funny

2. Someone who can talk to me

3. Someone who's comfortable being around my friends

4. Someone who cares about morals and being yourself

5. Someone respectful

XD five stars if your what you don't want list is longer than what you do want list!

DX I mean like!

There is no five stars on booksie >.<

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