Old Green-eyed Friend

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If you love something set it free
If it was meant to be it'll fly back to ye

Submitted: November 18, 2011

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Submitted: November 18, 2011



Why do you look at me differently?

Why do you treat me so differently?

I myself have done nothing

It was her, yet you treat me differently

Why? Why are you loosening your grip?

I let go of you so that you would come back

I trusted you would come back

But now...

Now you hold another hand


I need you so much

You are quite young & blind

Yet I need you to hold me again

Whisper to me words of comfort

Let me weep my sorrows upon your shoulders

Onto that shoulder that has grown so much

I miss you dearly & truly

I had let go in fear I was too much

But my heart of hearts cries for you to return

We have unknowingly become so apart

Almost strangers now

I missed those green eyes filled with comfort

I've become different since I let you go

Dark & twisted I've become

Yet a piece of me you knew still lingers

Look upon me again dear green eyed friend

Grass green eyes of the wild hills,

Where aherd of horses proudly gallopacross your eyes

I've tried to speak to you again

But do you know that you push me aside?

I know not how to start but please, Old friend please fly back

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