A Letter To The Bully

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The title says it all.... this is a letter to all the bullies out there; my bully, your bully... Maybe even a letter to you.

Read this letter, then comment on what you think, or what you think of bullying itself. That is all i ask.


Submitted: March 05, 2012

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Submitted: March 05, 2012



Dear Childhood Bully,

Do you remember me ? I'm the one you laughed at everyday. I'm the one you punched , you kicked, and pushed. ... I'm the one who avoided you  in the halls,  the dinner hall... I'm the one who waited in the classroom untill I knew you were gone.  I'm the one you said was too fat, To ugly, To stupid. You called me a Whore, A Idiot, A freak. You called me alot of things. Do you remember me now ? I never forgot you. Your words echo in my heart every day. I can remember all the times you called me fat, I starve myself now. I can remember the times you called me ugly, Know I can hardley bare to look in the mirror. I can remember all those times you called me stupid, Now I don't talk at all now, What if you were right ? 

I'm sure you thought it was just a game. I'm sure you have moved on and forgotten most of what you said and did to me. Sometimes I wonder if you seen me in the street, Would you recognise me ? Would you stop and say sorry? Or would everything just be the same ?  Would you even recognise me ?! I need to know ... Was I the only one ?  How many other people have you hurt , the same way as you have hurt me ? I also need to know one other thing... Why me ? Sure, I wasn't the richest person alive.  I know I wasn't the prettiest girl in the school.  I know I couldn't be good at everything. Is that why you called me stupid ?  You were so focused on my troubled areas.  You never noticed when I was actually better then you at something....


It  has been years since I last seen you... But it still hurts. I know the chances of you being my child hood bully are slim,  But if you were someones bully....  I'm sure I've taken the words right out of their mouths. Listen.... I can't speak for everyone. I have no idea which words you used. I don't know if you were ever physical. I don't know if you were a bully ten years ago or ten minutes ago... But if you have EVER made fun of anyone If you have EVER beat someone up. There is a high chane you have effected that someones life dramatically. Most of you won't... But maybe some of you will... Take the time to say you are sorry. If you are not sorry, you still have a lot of growing up to do.  But just so you know...  

'sorry' is not an eraser. The most part of the damage has been done. But we are still trying to forgive and forget. Hearing 'I'm sorry' might help. To those of you who are bullies today... You need to stop. People have ended their lives over words you may be using.  To those of you who are bullied,  It gets better. I promise. Think about this letter.... Who ever you are. Maybe you need to say sorry to someone , Maybe you need to add to this letter. Whatever it is... Say it,  because it needs to be heared. 



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