Say No To Child Abuse !

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Just a short poem on a take to child abuse. This is NOT my experience but it is a poem i wrote, in the eyes of sombody who experienced it.

no disrespect to anyone.

Submitted: March 01, 2012

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Submitted: March 01, 2012




The hunger, The fear,

The drugs, The beer.

The anger, The rage,

And lastley, My age.


My parents want recognisition and praise,

But I will never foget, Those early days.

Those marks on my skin,

The 'slips' and the 'falls'.

The endless screaming through the halls.


I hated it all, as you can see

But thankfully I escaped, 

And got a new family.


Yet the scars below, Like stones in a river,


But yet they still bring on a shiver.



I write poems/stories not by experiance but  by thinking. I don't think I need to be experianced to be able to write. This is to show that child abuse is wrong and no one should do it or experiance it in their lives ! If you have you should get help. 

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