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Milkbottles is a ghost story about a shopkeeper who en counted a very mysterious women one night who had an obsession with Milk bottles.

Submitted: June 12, 2012

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Submitted: June 12, 2012




In the northern parts of England, There was a little shop called 'Gibsons Cornor Shop', Named after the owner, Luke Gibson. Luke was a wealthy man and had a lot of money but unlike some people, Luke had good intentions for all his money, He had to care for his family. Luke had a wife called Tracy. Tracy was just as kind as Luke and she would do anything for anybody who was in need. Luke and Tracy had a daughter, Tara, But Tara required a lot of care because she was autistic. When Tara was diagnosed with autism, Luke and Tracy were made who they are now. The caring loving people who might perhaps be a bit to loving at times.


It was 9:55 and Luke was just starting to close up his shop for the night. The shop closed at ten so he had a few minutes left. Tracy was playing with Tara in the house and Luke was going to go straight to bed when he got in as he was extremely tired after his nine our shift. He was just about to lock the door when he realised there was still one customer left in his store. He jumped slightley when he seen her and said, “Oh I didn't see you there!”. She had on grey silky dress that came right down to her feet and no shoes or socks on whatsoever. Her bare feet were scruffy black with dirt. She was pale and thin and didn't look healthy at all. The strange woman stood in the corner of the shop whilst Luke , the shopkeeper asked what he could do for her. She never made eye contact with Luke but stepped forward to the counter. She extended her arm and pointed to the refrigerator behind the counter where Luke stored all of his milk bottles.


The shopkeeper picked up a bottle of milk and placed it on the counter. Without a word, The girl pointed to the refrigerator again so Luke got another bottle of milk and set it out on the counter. Suddenly, A loud crash came from behind Luke. When he turned back around after seeing a jar had fallen, he was shocked to see that the young woman had disappeared, along with the two milk bottles. He searched around the shop for her but there was no sign of the mysterious woman.


Luke finally came home to his loving wife and snuggled up with her in bed. The next day, just at closing time, out of no where, she appeared again. One minute the store was empty and the next, she was stood silently at the counter pointing at the refrigerator. This time, two empty milk bottles appeared on the counter.


Luke glared into the woman’s hallow eyes and saw streaks and stains from many tears making paths in her dirty face. Luke was a compassionate man and he knew that this young woman was in need of some help. So as usual, he took two new bottles of milk and turned his back to her so that she would have an opportunity to leave without paying for them. He never heard the door open or close, but when he turned around again, she was gone.


On the third day Luke the shopkeeper was determined to find out more about her. She appeared out of nowhere yet again and pointed at the refrigerator. Luke set the bottles on the counter and tried to ask the woman some questions. Just as he was about to speak, the cash machine flew open and fell on the floor. When Luke looked up again, the woman was gone.


This time he was determined to find out more about her. So he locked up early and drove off down the road and out of town. He caught a glimpse of her up ahead as she turned the corner. Where was she going? As Luke drove to further, He saw a glimpse of her as she turned off the road and walked down an old overgrown path. He followed her threw the woods, until she reached the town cemetery. The cemetery gate stood open and Luke heard a strange noise coming from inside. He followed the sound deeper and deeper into the cemetery until he found the newest graves.


Now he could hear the sound clearly. It was the distant sound of a baby crying. What had terrified Luke the most, was that the desperate wailing was coming from beneath him. Standing over a fresh grave with no headstone to mark it, he could plainly hear the cries getting louder and louder.


Grabbing a nearby shovel, he started to dig up the shallow grave and soon reached a wooden coffin. Falling to his knees and scraping the dirt aside, he tore open the lid of the coffin.


There before him lay a dead body. A woman’s body. A young woman’s body. The same woman who had visited Luke’s shop three times. The same woman in the filthy silk dress. Her skin was grey and her eyes were just hallow sockets. But there was more, Much more. In the woman’s arms was a cold, and Hungry baby, still alive and breathing. Luke took a huge gasp and looked further. Then it all made sense. Because what lay in the coffin beside the baby, was two empty milk bottles.


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