Behind Asa's Eye's

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This is one of my final assignments in Grade 12 College level English class. It's a fable. I was focusing on what hate can do to a person as well as a society. How anger can just create more tension then needed.

Submitted: July 15, 2012

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Submitted: July 15, 2012




I saw it; I sat there and watched it unfold within my field of vision. I never knew that the ones who are meant to be so wise, could sound so out of their minds..
Wandering through the jungle I watched the light dancing off the mist that was falling through the trees. I could smell the fresh meat from what seemed like miles away. It was my first time alone out here. It’s quiet and peaceful as if there was nothing left to disturb it, the way it should have stayed. 
“Alec, Alec!” her soft voice pierced through my ears, echoing slightly. I sighed and turned my head. 
“What?” I growled through my clenched teeth.  Alec isn’t my name. Well it used to be, but not anymore. 
Her ears were pulled back, her tail was raised, her gold and brown fur shining from the sunlight, she stood there looking at me, I stared back and realized it was Mikah she’s found me after all this time. Nothing has changed about her, except the emotions written a cross her face. Her eyes were squinted slightly, but all I could see was the look of betrayal, concern and fear.  The last time I spoke to her, was the day I took off, the day everything fell apart.
The sun was rising; it was about maybe 6a.m down here. I awoke from my sleeping spot and not too far in the distance I could see Callen and Trice who were slightly older than me; play fighting. This was their daily routine, they always did it to perfect their hunting skills.  Our mothers were out probably at the watering hole cleaning up or out gathering fruits and twigs. Our fathers and older boys we’re out taking shifts to protect our pride from enemies. I watch our protectors closely as their tails move in the bushes, swiftly as if expecting an attack at any given moment. They were always ready to launch on to someone or something.
The elder circle was out in the fields, why was this? I never see them out unless they were attending to a conflict within us, or the conflict within themselves? I watched them as they approached Rocko slowly. I saw Rocko’s ears perk up at the sound of their footsteps. His head moved up as well. I could see the tension growing between them.
“Rocko!” Othello roared, not a bird was left in the vicinity of where they stood. All eyes were locked on them, including mine.
“What now, Othello” The anger in Rocko’s voice was as clear as a bell.  His eyes locked on Othello and the circle behind him.
“You are not following the guide to which our pride lives” I watched cautiously as Othello stepped forward only a few feet from Rocko’s grip.  I went and slid down beside Mikah and the rest of our group.
“ Our guidelines are old, we need a change and now is the time” Rocko kept his ground and didn’t move. More of us came up behind to witness what was going on. Othello looked appalled by Rocko’s stern attitude and voice. 
“How dare you question our values in which we stand for, no change is needed” He growled menacingly deep in his throat. I looked from Rocko to Othello and remembered what it was like before it got like this, before all the changes happened. 
There was a time when Othello and Rocko were very close. I could remember Rocko looking up to Othello with great respect. Every time I went past them while on post I would hear Othello giving Rocko a lot of advice and it felt as if sometimes Rocko never really cared too much for it; almost as if it wasn’t needed in any way.
I recalled the day Othello challenged Rocko; it was out on the clearing. Rocko refused to listen to how the elders were discussing the rules and responsibilities he would have since he was next in line.  Their views were different when it came to how things should be run. I watched him and Othello argue, I watched their fight, and no one moved when Rocko launched himself, everyone was in a state of shock.  I remember when Othello got up, the look on Rocko’s face was hard to ignore, he was full of anger and looked torn apart.  Since then, nothing has been the same. 
From that point on, every time Rocko came into Othello’s view, I saw a pained look upon his face, in his eyes. Over time that pain grew into a form of anger, then his expression darkened, almost as if a black shadow was cast upon his soul, following him wherever he went. I would try to speak to him, but he always shoved me aside saying that there was a change about to be made, that it made no difference what I had to say a change was coming soon. I never fully understood that, at least not until I saw it with my own eyes. I saw an evil, which came from nowhere and manifested itself in a matter of seconds. Something that was once so pure was now tainted with a darker intention. 
I was grazing in the grass when I looked up and noticed the Elders out in the fields searching and looking for Rocko. I crept into the bushes and silently followed behind them.  They stopped in the clearing which he stood. I heard some words exchanged but couldn’t make them out. Before I knew it a flash of black and yellow fur blocked my view then air whistled beside me and I felt a sharp pain in my side. 
As I fell a huge roar broke out which muted my high pitched yelp of pain.  I looked down at my side and a cut was present. I looked back up at the field and to my horror, I saw cheetah against cheetah, friend against friend and fathers against sons.  Our mothers came rushing back but they were no better, at first they tried to defuse the situation but many ran off, and many joined within the battle. 
I made my way back to the cub den, and when I arrived all I could see around me were faces full of fear and worry. Cubs were shaking pressed up against the walls. There wasn’t a single word spoken. What was going on, no one had the answers. It was there that Mikah approached me. Her body is smaller than mine but her eyes were dilated with pure fear. 
Her tail that is normally raised was now curled down between her back legs. Her once perky ears drooped down as she held her younger brother within her front paws. Her eyes glistened with tear drops forming, they slid down her face slowly, but she never made a sound. I growled with anger and moved up towards the door way peering out into the fields. I watched with great pain as bodies of the ones who were supposed to protect us falling down in a bloody battle for what cause. I cried and yelled out, but no one looked in my direction
No one listened to the cries of their young, no one paid attention to the ones that were truly suffering. I yelled and begged for the battle to stop, but no one cared, they were too caught up in the moment. Mikah came up beside me tears fell down her face as we saw her mother crash to the ground, she went to run forward, but I placed my paw down and stared at her. She growled at  me and ran back in. 
For a little while after that I stood there watching the scene worsen before my eyes, silently hoping and praying it would end. I turned my head when I saw Othello fall, I couldn't take it any more. I turned my limped body around and stumbled back in collapsing against the wall, breathing shallow. In the corner of the den I saw the smallest cub, Tico peering over at me, he stumbled his way across the cave and looked up at me with his big blue,sad eyes.
"You're bleeding" He squeaked. My heart just fell to pieces, he should not have to deal with this, no one should. He stood there trembling with fear, his tiny tail hanging down. His eyes moved over my wound again and tears came to his eyes. They crashed around his paws, and I moved forward pulling him into my arms. I could feel his tears soaking my skin but it only made me hold him closer. He was only a bit older than a year but I considered him my younger brother and it pained me to see not only him but everyone I cared about in such a panicked state of mind. Worried about what was going to happen to our parents and more importantly what would happen to them.
The night fell upon us, the roaring became distant but with every roar more cries echoed within the walls. Everyone grew closer, I held Tico in my front paws, and Mikah stayed at my side tending to my wound with her brother down beside Tico. I had it so that the younger cubs laid on either side of our older ones arms or in between us. I was determined to keep them safe, but their cries were just too much to handle. When the roaring stopped all we could hear was the sounds of our fallen loved ones dying and it hurt so bad. I've never been so scared in my life.
I'm not sure when I fell asleep,or if I slept at all. The sun was shining in the next morning. Tico was curled up in my lap and Mikah was sleeping softly with most of the newer cubs lying around her. I gently slipped out from under Tico and I made my way out to the field. The scene that laid before me, all the bodies laid lifeless, no emotions, no sign of anything. 
I ran to where Othello laid. He was breathing, it was shallow but he was still alive. Tears ran down my face.  I nudged him gently with my nose whispering. "Othello..Othello please be alive."
His head turned to mine, his eyes barely opened. "Alec..take the others and run...Rocko..has must.." 
"I must what?, What must I do?" I cried, his eyes rolled back and his head went limp.  I nudged him again softly, tears streaming down my face like waterfalls. I searched the field for any one who could answer me, but they were all gone.  I ran in circles and after not getting anywhere I just collapsed crying, and screaming for answers. Thats when I heard Mikah scream. I ran back to the den as fast as I could with my side.  I get there and I see Rocko smirking.
The other elders were standing behind him, most injured. Some weren't. The ones Rocko was barking orders at were carrying out the smaller cubs. I froze. What was I doing, I can't go up against that. I turn and ran, and ran as fast as my legs could carry me, I didn't know where I  was going, but if I wanted to do anything, I couldn't do it alone. 
I took to the jungle floor, the tree leaves blurring in my vision, tears streaming down my face, who am I, what am I doing here? I'm young, this isn't my fight.  This has never been my fight, but yet somehow I've made it mine. I chose to protect them, but here I am abandoning them at their time of need. Othello has left,he is better off now. Rocky however isn't gone but has changed. I see it, he's not the same Rocko everyone could rely on. 
His soul has darkened into an evil that no one could explain, at first I thought it was anger, but then it grew to hatred towards what? Himself? Or towards the pride. These questions swirled through my mind like a tornado going through a field.  The battle, was it to prove dominance or to show that he just had strength in numbers rather than admitting he, himself has weakened. I stared into the path that lay ahead of me. 
I remember the days when I only had memories of peace and tranquility, before the emotions that now destroyed us,existed.  I could recall what it was like when tolerance existed, or was it all just a mere illusion of one's mind. Was the tolerance that I once remembered ever there. Was there ever a time when we truly got a long not only with ourselves but with our pride. Did they just use a cover up to prevent us young minds from becoming distorted when the distortion has already set in.
That's when it hit me, there was no such thing as a peaceful pride, there was always that one little puzzle piece that never fit in. Yes it was my job to protect them, but it wasn't from Rocko, it was from what Rocko had become. He is that piece that does not fit in, as long as his anger was present in the pride, everything was out of place.  Othello knew this and was trying to push him out, but he refused to move. That anger that held his soul for so long took over him and he became the monster we were told to fear.
I lifted my head slowly and took off running, I knew what it was I had to do, I had to find a way to reason with him, but he would never listen to me. I'm just Alec, the cub who's in training to be a protector, not an elder. I have no build to me that would make seem anything close to being a threat. I'm small for my age group. I was determined to become stronger, I will be stronger. 
What seem like weeks there I was, growing stronger by the minute, I could barely recognize my reflection. I prayed every night for something to happen,  a sign of some sort to let me know that they are safe. I worked for hours on end to improve my over all strength. I even started calling  myself Asa. 
I was more broad with my appearance, my once skinny frame was now bulked with muscle. I had found another clearing not that far off, there I would hunt and attack anything that crossed my path. The destruction from Rocko stuck in the back of my mind, it was my determination to become better, to go back and save them.  I was making my way back to my clearing when I heard her.  
She kept calling me Alec, my name is no longer Alec it's Asa. I turned and growled at her. There she stood, Mikah, my best friend, unphased, but hurting. I thought I was alone, but I wasn't even close because she found me. When I was supposed to be the one finding her. We stared at each other for what seemed like hours. She hasn't aged a day, but yet I have. 
"Alec, is that you?" She stared at me, I stared back.
"Yes, Mikah it's me, what are you doing out here? How did you escape?" I went towards her and she stepped back.
"I, I took off..when they weren't paying're alive.." She circled me,as if I was a stranger.
"Why wouldn"t I be?" I watched her eyes carefully when they went across my scar.
Her eyes widened, she jumped on to me. I fell back landing hard.  I stared up into her eyes. She looked down into mine and we connected. She nuzzled me and I pushed her off and got up. She got up quickly beside me. She never answered my question. We walked in silence. 
Time had passed, and then I saw the  pride. It was darker, everyone looked drained and there he stood. Rocko, he was observing everyone. I looked at Mikah with my eyes I told her to go warn the cubs. Now was the time this ended. I braced myself for the fight that was about to happen. 
I charged at him, No warning, no battle cry I just ran for him. I am the protector of the pride it’s time I take my role and use it. He was stunned, the look of fear in his eyes pierced into mine. It didn’t stop me. I held him down and stared at him. No one moved to stop me or to help him.  It was so silent that you could hear a pin drop. I looked up from Rocko and saw the look on everyone’s faces a look of relief and confusion. 
Then I realized it, I was no better than Rocko, at this point all that mattered to me was seeking revenge for those that had fallen under his paws. I didn’t want to just save the remainder of my family. I wanted Rocko to suffer as well. This anger that has held him down for so many years had taken its grasp upon me. I pushed him down into the ground and got off. We stared at each other, my eyes burning deep into his.

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