My Husband - A Seduction

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I'd never really done it before. I mean actually gone out of my way to seduce a man. Especially a man who is now my loving husband ...

\"Description:I'd never really done it before. I mean actually gone out of my way to seduce a man. A man who is now my loving husband ...

It must have been about six months since I had broken up with my latest partner.

Nothing too dramatic, just that after about that amount of time things just didn't seem to be going anywhere and to be frank, he appeared to have lost interest in my sexual desires and just carried on with his own.

I had three or four dates in the interim, but nothing too heavy.  A bit of fumbling here and there, but nothing that got me particularly aroused or wanting to take the relationship any further.

Over the years, I have usually tried to stay away from any inter-office liaisons; once before joining my current employer there had been one which came to an immensely embarrassing conclusion for both of us with a shouting match at work which ultimately led to both of us leaving.

There had been two or three guys that had tried their luck, but I made it obvious that while there might be a time and a place, right now and in the workplace wasn't it.

The company had had a fairly successful few months and taken on a batch of new staff - mostly in accounts where I work, engineering and IT. 

There had been one guy in the latter department who I confess had caught my eye a little; nice looking without exactly being of super-stud status, but with a quietly confident manner and a cute, shy sort of smile

I had heard his name was Brian, but not much more when an inter-departmental memo came round advising that he was taking over the role of computer consultant to the internal accounts area and when I read it, I was surprised that my heart seemed to skip a little beat.

After no real relationship for quite a while, I found myself strangely fascinated.  I discovered from a friend in Human Relations that he was single, and although she couldn't reveal the address, that he lived quite close to the office.  I hadn't heard any of the other girls mention him taking any special interest in them and started to wonder whether he may be gay.

As time went on, I still remained strangely attracted to him and once or twice wished I had had the nerve to make a direct pass at him - hell, he could only say no - but just didn't have the courage.

The annual dinner-dance was upon is us.  I was tossing up whether to go - attendance was sort of expected, but without anyone "special"  I could invite, it was either to go by myself or rely on the old fall back of asking my elder brother Graham along as a chaperone, a favour that we done for one another once of twice in the past.

Well, elder brother it was, and although I held no great expectations for the evening, I decided to dress as attractively as possible.

It's strange how sometimes a casual, off-the-cuff event of no apparent importance can have such an impact on one's life.

I made sure that my best black evening dress was freshly laundered and ready to go, but as I started to dress that night, I found that my only pair of black pantyhose were laddered.

A frantic delve through the wardrobe on the off chance that I may have something else formal to wear proved fruitless until at the last moment I uncovered a pair of black silk stockings that I had bought seven or eight months ago but had never had the chance to wear.

They would have to do, and along with a garter belt and a pair of black panties with plenty of lace, I checked myself out in the mirror, somewhat regretful that it was something of a waste with none else to admire the rather pleasant view.

Graham and I arrived at the dance and took our seats along with a few closer friends from the office and were making small talk when I saw one of the other girl's eyes staring past me.

With a half-wink and an almost imperceptible nod, she dared me to look behind me, and after pretending to bend to take something from my handbag, I managed to see what she meant.

Brian had arrived and taken his chair two tables down, his seat with another empty alongside him, wearing both the usual shy smile and a grey velvet dinner jacket that stood out from the basic black worn by most of the men in the room.

Absolutely drop-dead  gorgeous, but did being on his own mean that he was gay and reluctant to advertise it by inviting a male friend or partner, or, just like me, he had no one special to invite?

The night worn on, a few dances here and there and a lot of chatter as a few glasses of wine took effect. 

I had managed to work my way around a couple of seats so I could get a clearer view of the grey dinner jacket; his night much the same as mine, a dance or two and talk around the table.

Once or twice, I thought I saw Brian return my gaze and then quickly look away, and I flushed a little when I realized that gay or not, he had taken a fancy to me but was still a little uncertain about making the first move.

Now Graham and I like all siblings have had our battles over the years over any number of silly arguments and rivalries, but he had always had something of a sixth sense when guessing what I was thinking, and with a lift of an eyebrow and quick nod in return from me, some sort of a mutual contract was sealed between us.

With around ten minutes before the evening formally ended, Graham took my hand and led me to the dance floor, but after around a minute or so of a slow waltz, I felt his arm moving behind my back, almost as if he was signalling to somebody ... signalling indeed as he whispered that someone was about to cut in ...

... although I instinctively knew who it was, my heart jumped a little when Brian took my in his arms and as I relaxed against him, I felt warm glow of excitement as I felt his hands gently slide down my back, none of the silly thrusting of pelvis as some men try, but just a light caress down my spine until he reached the base and the waistband of those little black panties that I was suddenly now so glad I wore after the discovery of the ruined pantyhose.

I couldn't resist but pull him closer to me as his fingertips explored a little under the waistband and deliciously slid from side to side, pausing just momentarily to move a little further down between my cheeks before continuing their exotic caress.

"Last dance?", he murmured as the music ended. "Of course", I replied, surprised at how dry my throat had become as he led me back to my table.

I sensed a knowing glance between Graham and Brian as I sat.

I also sensed I was aroused and that I must have him, and after glancing at the clock, then showing just eight minutes to midnight, I realized I had just enough time to do the wicked thing that had come into my mind.

After making excuses and picking up my handbag, I headed to the ladies room and breathed a quiet sigh of relief that there were a couple of vacant cubicles including one right at the end where I could do this thing in private ...

... I slipped down my panties and stepped out of them, little surprised as to how damp they were, and as I pushed them to the bottom of my bag, I breathed a sign of relief as I feel the three-pack of condoms that I left there just in case all those months ago.

The M.C. announced the last dance and Brian was alongside my chair even before the words were out, leading me quickly onto the floor ... my head was against his shoulder and I was almost in dreamland as his fingertips again started down my back, down until they felt there was no longer a waistband, just me and all the pleasure that I will share with him ...

... my friend in H.R. was right, his apartment block was no more than a two or three minute drive, and as we stepped onto the plush carpet in the foyer, I slipped my shoes off and felt the soft pile between my toes.

Brian stood back to allow me into the elevator and as he moved in behind me, he asked me to press 10, the second highest level, and as I did, I feel his fingers at the catch of my dress, undoing  it and sliding the zip down, only to pause for a second as he expertly unclipped my bra.

Leaning forward, he slid my dress and bra down my outstretched arms and allowed them to slip to the floor. 

The elevator seemed interminably slow as I stood there naked except for garter belt and stockings, not caring whether the elevator stopped and the door opens for a dozen spectators to see me there ... he was mine that night and he is mine now. 



Submitted: July 23, 2012

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i like it, some people are scared to put such detail in their stories when it comes to sexual encounters.

Wed, October 10th, 2012 10:28pm


Cute and gripping story; I really enjoyed it; perhaps a little less 1st person would help, but again might ruin it's simplicity

Fri, June 3rd, 2016 8:46pm

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