Marius and Mimi

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

If Marius from Les Miserables and Mimi from La Boheme had a romance. This is based on my unrequited love for a childhood friend.

When I was four and you were five

We played outside a game

You were running, I was chasing

Me, Mimi de  La Boheme 

And you, my knight, were Marius,

Oblivious of this Eponine’s love

Mimi-me tried hard in vain

Only to generate a void of 

Your love, you see, was never mine

It flitted here and there

Although my feelings were all constancy

Your affection you could not share 

You made me blush a healthy pink

Throughout those halcyon years

When growing up was enchanting

And our dreams surpassed our fears 

You made me do such silly things

Like hope and wish and pray

That one day you would want me too

So I kept my emotion at bay 

But Mimi is sick, and sicker she gets

So I fell ill as well

Thinking you wanted someone skinny

I threw up in the toilet of hell 

It was easy peasy, just a little queasy

And well on my way I was

I would make you see me

Your admiring eyes enough a cause 

While you were drooling over Megan Fox

I was shoving a finger down my throat

Buying clothes a size too small

Hoping one day I’d feel less bloat 

My body was my enemy

And Mimi’s body gave away

I could never be too pretty

Fantasizing about how much I could weigh 

Marius you skipped breezily to college

And transformed into Mr. Popular

Parties, beer, sex, and drugs

Your life was an exciting blur 

And still you managed to find Cosette

A girl I could never be

She was far from perfect, not really pretty

But at least not invisible like me 

I loved you then, I love you now

But please let me be free of you

I want to get better and be happy

Yet my heart is still black and blue

Submitted: February 16, 2010

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