A Kinley Parker Story (Part 2)

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Submitted: January 05, 2012

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Submitted: January 05, 2012



I sat straight up in the backseat. I started to scream, getting louder by the second. He didn't even turn around to quiet me. I searched out the window, nothing but empty farm land that went on for miles, all around. My screaming stopped abruptly when I thought about my parents.

Where were they? How did this man get in my house? Who is he, anyway?! Questions pounded against my skull, beating their way out in the cold compressed air in this evil car. I looked up at him again. He was handsome. Not really a man; he was more of a young man. Somewhere in his late teens or early twenty's. Only a few years older than me. He had piercing green eyes and dark brown hair.

I took a deep breath and leaned back against the seat. He saw I had calmed myself down. He arranged the rear-view mirror so he could see me. For only a second, I was lost in his eyes. He smirked as I turned my head away and crossed my arms. Like a little girl who didn't get a toy she wanted.

"Would you like me to turn the radio on? Do you like country music? I have a feeling that's the only station we are going to get out here." He had a very smooth voice that caught me off guard. I turned my head back to him. He was already looking at me. As if he expected me to answer! Haha! Don't make me laugh! He had kidnapped me! But I still felt the need to answer him.

"I don't like country." I stated

He looked back at me. He was obviously pleased I was responding. I was irritated that he got what he wanted.

"Well, that's okay. I packed your I-Pod and your head phones in the back. And if you're feeling hungry, I can pull over and get the lunch I packed as well."

I didn't know what was worse, the fact that he was so calm, or that I was! I couldn't help but sit there and hate myself. Don't most girls who are kidnapped shreik and scream until he eventually kills them?! What's wrong with me?! He kidnapped me! Stole me away from my friends and family! And here I am, sitting in this car completely calm and kind of hungry!

He pulled the car over. I thought about jumping to the door and yanking it open. But then I remembered every horror movie I've ever seen. If I get out of the car, he'll chase me down and catch me anyway. And there's no one around to hear me screaming for help. And as of right now, he seemed harmless. So I figured I'd go along with it until I had a real chance to run.

"I ama little hungry.." I mused aloud.

He cut the engiene and got out of the car. He walked to my door, opened it and leaned in. I cringed away but he just leaned further. I turned my entire body to face him. If I was going to die, I was going to do it with some dignity. He leaned back a little, suprised at my sudden movement. Then leaned back in, inches away from my face.

"If I let you out, you won't try to run right?

I nodded. He held out his hand to help me out of the car. I shoved past him and crawled out.

"What's the point of me trying to help?" He grumbled to himself.

"You kidnapped me and you expect me to be polite?" I grumbled back.

"I'm sorry Kinley, I did it for a good reason though. You'll understand in time."

"What do you expect? Me to take that and go on a road trip with you?!" I was so angry. Plain and simple as that.


"Stop saying my name! It's freaky! Especially when I don't know who you are!"

"I'm Jeremy. I'm sorry.. can we discuss why you're here over a picnic in the fields?" He guestured over to the corn fields to our right.

Jeremy seemed so sincere. His eyes were honest and aware. I felt like he was really trying to have me believe him, because whatever he was about to tell me was true. I was scared. Was he my half brother and he's my only family now because my parents died in a plane crash on their flight back? Or is he my long lost twin?!

Jeremy popped the trunk, and pulled out a cooler. He let me walk in front of him, and, a few yards out we sat down.

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